choose from

choose from (people or things)

To select from a group of options. The supervisor will choose from these candidates for someone to fill the position.
See also: choose

choose from someone or something

to make a selection from a group of persons or things. You will have to choose from these people only. Ron chose from the items in the catalog.
See also: choose
References in classic literature ?
If he elects to work, he finds a large list of lectures to choose from.
User has 20 branches to choose from, leading to eleven possible endings
If you think you're more of a natural woman or man, there's a wide variety of stuffings to choose from.
That could mean that districts aren't eagerly publicizing the choice provisions, or that parents aren't impressed with the array of often-dysfunctional public schools they have to choose from.
Average Americans order nonfat decaf iced vanilla lattes at Starbucks and choose from 1,500 drawer pulls at The Great Indoors.
At some point I choose from among the vast array of possibles that my freedom is, which I signify as my "original choice" or "project.
To use Goal Seek choose from the toolbar Tools, Goal Seek.
For the semifinals, classical competitors must choose from three given variations or pas de deux.
Magi choose from a selection of quests - each with a different level of difficulty - solving riddles and clues to gain power in the enchanted kingdom.
In 1998 and 2000 California's primary was changed by initiative to a wide open or blanket format in which all registered voters could pick and choose from among any of the political parties' candidates just as they do in November general elections.
Radio, in particular, is already very diverse, with more than 11,000 AM and FM stations in the United States and dozens of formats for listeners to choose from.
In today's health insurance smorgasbord, there are over 1,000 different health plans to choose from.
There are hundreds of templates to choose from, all of which are arranged in different galleries according to industry and theme.
In California, customers can simply call an independent power source and choose from a variety of packages.