choose from

choose from (people or things)

To select from a group of options. The supervisor will choose from these candidates for someone to fill the position.
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choose from someone or something

to make a selection from a group of persons or things. You will have to choose from these people only. Ron chose from the items in the catalog.
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This time, we are in space and there are plenty of things to choose from.
PS20 GIFT BOX BOUQUET Choose from two pretty pinks or spring brights.
He gave the students two topics to choose from: write about a time you were brave; or, if you could be any character on television or in a movie, who would you be and why?
For example, an employee may be able to choose from three providers, each of which offers 50 investments.
That could mean that districts aren't eagerly publicizing the choice provisions, or that parents aren't impressed with the array of often-dysfunctional public schools they have to choose from. That's why conservatives say the federal government should go the next step and provide students with vouchers for private schools.
Average Americans order nonfat decaf iced vanilla lattes at Starbucks and choose from 1,500 drawer pulls at The Great Indoors.
Choose from the engineered value BR line, the superior quality CH line, or choose one of our surge panels with integrated whole home surge protection.
It is best to have a wide range of pump sizes to choose from. If there will be variations in flow the chosen pump should have a maximum flow just above the most efficient flow of the pump.
But beyond postmodernism, what else did we have to choose from in 1995?
There is in fact what I call an "original choice." At some point I choose from among the vast array of possibles that my freedom is, which I signify as my "original choice" or "project." My project signifies my being-for-itself as transcending the various givens which are my situation, such as my place, my surroundings, and my past.
The second competitive force is the "Threat of Substitute Services." In other words, are there other alternatives to choose from?
We rely on decision theory because, as in other decision situations, there is an individual who must make a decision, there are several alternatives to choose from, and the individual has many considerations for comparing and evaluating the alternatives.
To use Goal Seek choose from the toolbar Tools, Goal Seek.
Garaffa's Browser Watch Web page (, there are over 57 different browsers to choose from. Not every browser can be used on all platforms.
For the semifinals, classical competitors must choose from three given variations or pas de deux.