choose for

choose (someone or something) for (someone or something)

1. To select someone for a particular job or role. Whom has the supervisor chosen for the vacant position? I can't believe the coach chose me for pitcher!
2. To select something for someone, as of a gift. I chose that plant for him because I thought he liked to garden—I didn't realize that he's allergic to daisies!
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choose someone or something for something

to select someone or something for a particular purpose, office, title, etc. I chose red for the color or the carpet. I will choose Alice for office manager.
See also: choose

choose something for someone

to select something for someone, perhaps as a gift. I will probably choose flowers for your mother. I chose a funny card for his birthday.
See also: choose
References in classic literature ?
Now, I don't wish to be selfish or arbitrary, because I am her guardian, and I shall leave Rose free to choose for herself.
Well, then," said Mordaunt, "I choose for my adversary the man who, not thinking himself worthy to be called Comte de la Fere, calls himself Athos.
Each can choose for himself whether he will work or play; for German university life is a very free life; it seems to have no restraints.
We can be there to teach, to guide, to read and walk with our children as they experience and choose for themselves.
But we don't have to choose; each one of us must be allowed to choose for himself.
Many of these people choose for the wrong reasons, though.