choose as

choose (one) as (something)

To select someone for a particular role or job. Whom has he chosen as his successor?
See also: choose

choose someone as something

to select someone to be something. We will choose her as our representative. I chose Sam as my assistant.
See also: choose
References in classic literature ?
But it was Lady Lundie's turn to choose a second player on her side.
Maiden, if thou dost rather choose a beggarly minstrel than a high-born knight, take thy choice.
They went away sullen and refractory, as neither content to go away nor to stay: but, as there was no remedy, they went, pretending to go and choose a place where they would settle themselves; and some provisions were given them, but no weapons.
Now it might have been supposed that a Circle -- proud of his ancestry and regardful for a posterity which might possibly issue hereafter in a Chief Circle -- would be more careful than any other to choose a wife who had no blot on her escutcheon.
In that case we start fresh,' said Humpty Dumpty, 'and it's my turn to choose a subject--' ('He talks about it just as if it was a game