choose among

choose among (people or things)

To select from a group of options. The supervisor will choose among these candidates for someone to fill the position.
See also: among, choose

choose among someone or something

to make a choice of a person or thing from a variety of possibilities. We will choose among the names on the list you gave us. I need to choose among the car models available.
See also: among, choose
References in classic literature ?
It's hard to choose among so many remarkable people who have lived.
Then again the father sent forth all the blessed and eternal gods besides: and they came, one after the other, and kept calling her and offering many very beautiful gifts and whatever right she might be pleased to choose among the deathless gods.
441-459) And all-seeing Zeus sent a messenger to them, rich- haired Rhea, to bring dark-cloaked Demeter to join the families of the gods: and he promised to give her what right she should choose among the deathless gods and agreed that her daughter should go down for the third part of the circling year to darkness and gloom, but for the two parts should live with her mother and the other deathless gods.
I'm sure, if I had HIS imperial, I could pick and choose among all the second-class heiresses in town.
But either because inquiry was too slow-footed to overtake him, or because the description applied to so many pedlars that inquiry did not know how to choose among them, weeks passed away, and there was no other result concerning the robbery than a gradual cessation of the excitement it had caused in Raveloe.
Festival students can choose among classes taught by nine different dancers; there will also be three well-known guitar instructors (Pedro Cortes, Pedro Cuadra, and John Truitt), and two teachers of the cajon.
In this market, owners with quality space can choose among a number of qualified prospects; more and more, the prospect with the best credit becomes the tenant.
Four friends move into a house and find they must choose among four rooms of different size and quality.
In a cafeteria plan, employees have the right to choose among two or more benefits consisting of cash and qualified benefits.
Now youngsters and college students can choose among [Krank.
Archbishop John Foley, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communication, told a May 23 meeting of the Catholic Press Association in Denver that Catholic newspapers "suffer a real restriction on their freedoms" due to their inability to pick and choose among political ads.
All agree that the greatest reduction in pressure ulcers over the next few years will be realized by clinicians learning how to choose among the alternatives in order to effectively individualize resident care.
Eighteen years ago, Linda Partridge of University College London developed this approach and reported that fruit fly larvae have a competitive edge when their mothers choose among males.
Now that tenants can choose among a variety of vacant space, more extensive improvements are often necessary for older, outdated properties.
Subscribers can choose among multiple LinuxLink subscription options for the level of functionality that matches their needs.