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Indeed, most people will choose to get the money now, instead of waiting for the better reward in the future; but are willing to delay gratification to get the higher amount if both choices require waiting.
If you have never read a You Choose book before, start now.
But it is nonetheless reasonable to infer that in particular contexts, their preference is not to choose, and they would say so if they were asked.
Today you can choose the party of May and of Thatcher Or..
Success rate- The consultant that you choose should have a high rate of success.
The cast members had to choose between books and movies in the next question.
(7) On one view, people should be asked or allowed to choose, whether or not they would choose rightly; perhaps that approach preserves their freedom and recognizes their dignity.
People who earned between $100,000 - $149,000 were most likely to choose meth/crack as the most dangerous drugs, while people who earned $50,000 - $74,000 were most likely to choose prescription drugs/painkillers.
Choose a pint of best in a country pub, choose half a mild in a 1960s working men's club.
GP practices in Hartlepool are leading the way when it comes to offering patients choice via the NHS Choose and Book system.
Muslim women choose to wear the hijab because our religion tells us to and not because a man dictates it.
Quite late I have come to realize that life is what we make out of it: the choices we make, the decisions we take, the words we utter, the actions we undertake and most importantly being responsible for all that we choose.
A NEW film is being shown in GP surgeries across County Durham to tell patients about the Choose and Book service.