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If Humanists choose to embrace charter schools--and they should--Humanist schools would exemplify what a well-run school should be.
In a survey after the experiment, they were more likely to say there were "too many" chocolates to choose from and that choosing was frustrating and difficult.
More than thirty that limit a woman's right to choose are circulating in that legislature.
Choices in surge protection products, Choose whole home surge products like our CHSPULTRA, Surge tel, Surgecable and even provide your customers with point-of-use surge strips.
These parents are encouraged (sometimes pressured) to choose some form of licensed child care that is subsidized with public funds.
At some point I choose from among the vast array of possibles that my freedom is, which I signify as my "original choice" or "project.
Wheat Chex can be replaced with any vegan fortified cereal; however, women need to choose a cereal providing at least 20% of the DV for iron or more per cup.
However, even in the secondary phase, officers can choose to "initiate some action to remove or reduce" the negative influences of stress by employing various coping methods.
Choose the optimal recovery strategy: PIT, PIT+REDO, or UNDO.
Which Lane (1, 4, 8) would you choose to run the 200-meter dash in a track meet?
IRC section 125 outlines various requirements for "cafeteria plans," which let employees choose cash or some of the tax-free benefits mentioned above and avoid income tax on the chosen tax-free benefits.
When you choose representatives to staff a camp fair display, make sure they are knowledgeable and that they understand that camp fair participation is selling -- nothing less.
Many of these people choose for the wrong reasons, though.
The percentage of employee contributions you choose to match shouldn't exceed the amount of profits you can realistically afford to share with employees.
Stay nearby or choose an ecologically-sound destination or method of travel.