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the Nikon choir

The paparazzi or a large group of photojournalists, especially when actively engaged in photographing someone or something of great interest. (Refers to the Nikon brand of camera.) As soon as the starlet walked out onto the red carpet, the Nikon choir swelled to a nearly deafening volume.
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preach to the choir

To try to convince someone about something that they already support; to state one's opinion to those who are already most receptive to it. You're preaching to the choir here—we all have kids and understand how busy life can get. Honestly, you're preaching to the choir, but I just don't have any money to donate.
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preach to the choir

 and preach to the converted
Fig. to make one's case primarily to one's supporters; to make one's case only to those people who are present or who are already friendly to the issues. There is no need to convince us of the value of hard work. We already know that. You are just preaching to the choir. Don't waste your time telling us about the problem. That's preaching to the choir. Bob found himself preaching to the converted when he was telling Jane the advantages of living in the suburbs. She already hates city life.
See also: choir, preach
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Singing superstar Tom Jones with the Treorchy Male Choir
Nadine Cooper, who manages the Nottingham Choir, said: "Many choirs do welcome non-singers but, personally, I'd have been far too intimidated to join one of those.
Anyone interested in joining the Sutton Cold-field choir when it starts up can register on the Tuneless Choir website at www.
Aled stepped down after winning the male voice choir competition at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod in July.
Alan returned in 1985 and once again took the reins at Binley, where he guided the choir to many musical successes, in competitions and at large concerts until, once again, his work took him away, this time to Yorkshire.
Mrs Willis, from Durham, said juggling her work with the choir and her teaching job has kept her on her toes.
The choir was founded from a small singing group set up by "The Wilson Brothers" at the Trinity Methodist Church in Shiney Row.
Figure 1 shows a graph of choir intensity level versus number of choir members.
But there was no mention of Morriston's three other well-respected choirs: the 32-year-old Morriston RFC Male Voice Choir; the Tabernacle Morriston Choir formed in 1876; and the Morriston Ladies Choir formed in 1941.
The Liverpool signing choir is based at Broadgreen International School and brings together many young people from 12 different schools across the city.
Forty-two singers (boys, girls and men) sang with the Worcester Cathedral Choir and as a choir-in-residence; they sang five services at Gloucester Cathedral and two Evensong service at Hereford Cathedral.
JUBILANT singers and their families were last night celebrating after Ysgol Glanaethwy reached the closing stages of BBC TV's Last Choir Standing.
The lights in the theatre dimmed, the audience hushed and spotlights lit the aisles as the Dwae Na Ga Das First Nations Youth Choir entered the theatre.