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Some of God's choicest servants over the centuries have been those who struggled with limitations and disabilities.
I was in charge of a group of soldiers and, on May 8, 1945, the welcome news came early in the morning, confirmed by my superior officer who declared an end to work and the issue of the choicest of our food rations and the unending supply of beverages of alcoholic content!
The people of God are called to set aside the choicest of the crop for God even before they do any other harvesting at all.
He provides them to jewelers throughout the U.S.; and hand picks some of the choicest pieces for The Diamond Vault.
What they've shared is a frenetic kudos season--detailed in the January issue--and one of the year's choicest goody-bags courtesy or Hermes.
"In the past few years, we have been responsible for the fit-outs of many of Fifth Avenue's choicest stores, culminating in a visible uplift of this magnificent Avenue."
Even Wal-Mart, well equipped with its diverse formats, powerful technology infrastructure and global experience, has been content to let others blaze the trail, staking out the choicest locations in the process.
In between, however, lie the choicest parts of the book.
Helms's choicest invective, though, is reserved for Church and Pike, who led the subsequent congressional inquiries in 1975.
Rincon Argentino makes no bones about what it is--an unadulterated steak pit in which sides of beef hang next to an open grill and waiters, on request, bring a tray of their choicest cuts to the table.
If choosing what to wear to school is the choicest part of your morning, this news may blacken your mood: Strict dress codes are a hot new trend in public schools.
Yet one roars with administrations (David, Solomon), and swords, and the sentinels who go about the city in order to protect the space of the masses, while the other seems to be a place of flowing streams, filled with the choicest fruits, and a fountain of "living water" at the center (4.15).
In the passage, Moses asks God to bless Joseph's land with, among other things, "the choicest gifts of the ancient mountains and the fruitfulness of the everlasting hills."
The island is home to about $12 billion of the choicest real estate in the country.
Choicest quotes included Crossroader Tony Adams admitting, "You don't have to be a good actor", followed by Frazer Hines's more honest assessment, "There is no acting required".