chock full of

chock full of (something)

Having a lot of something; very full of something. If you don't like raisins, you won't like this cake —it's chock full of them. Good luck fitting anything else in that storage locker—it is just chock full of boxes.
See also: chock, full, of

chock full of something

Fig. very full of something. These cookies are chock full of big chunks of chocolate.
See also: chock, full, of
References in classic literature ?
It looked like the work of a child of five, but a child would have had some naivete and might at least have made an attempt to put down what he saw; but here was the work of a vulgar mind chock full of recollections of vulgar pictures.
We have a big city, full of alien quarters, full of hiding places, and chock full of criminals, but our police catch em, all the same.
Leslie was full of ambition and her head was chock full of brains.
I am chock full of beautiful and noble thoughts, and I want to stop like it, because it feels nice and good.
As I laid all of a heap in our kitchen, plastered all over, you might have thought I was a large brown-paper parcel, chock full of nothing but groans.
Chock full of death, magic, rage, and power, The Nine of Diamonds jumps off the page like an uncontrollable howl against the unyielding tides of history.
And the yellow rice salad was chock full of vegetables.
NEW YORK -- Following yet another afternoon chock full of Rafael Furcal heroics, including a 3-for-4 performance with an RBI and two runs scored in a 9-1 victory over the New York Mets, Dodgers manager Grady Little was asked whether he considers the hot-hitting leadoff man his team's most valuable player this season.
The office campus also offers many desirable amenities and retailers, including a state-of-the-art fitness facility, PNC bank branch, Chock Full of Nuts Cafe, Jos.
Harmon's sophomore novel is chock full of thug-boy dialogue, ghetto narrative and morning-after scenes--an entertaining and quick read.
It serves the same function as a fluff film; it is a light story chock full of suspense, twists and turns.
Wayne Turk's excellent article, "Quality Management--A Primer" in the July-August issue was chock full of practical tips, turning an abstract term (quality) into something tangible, and passing on expertise so that our younger, less experienced managers don't have to learn the hard way--by trial and error.
My Life is also chock full of unintentionally hilarious sentences that Fonda's anti-fans will love.
Chomp Chomp is a music CD for young people, chock full of fantasy, history, feelings, and just plain fun.
The marijuana smoking clown bit was a laugh riot, and it was chock full of other shit (scares, a "Garbage Pall Kids" essay, pinball, cheesecake/bondage, a fight photo sequence [and the long hair gets hit so hard his shoe flies off], and some drag photos), but with all the stuff about unemployment, food stamps, how to make a Molotov cocktail, and the protest photos and art, we can see these people are just plain lazy, angry freeloaders.