chock full of

chock full of (something)

Having a lot of something; very full of something. If you don't like raisins, you won't like this cake —it's chock full of them. Good luck fitting anything else in that storage locker—it is just chock full of boxes.
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chock full of something

Fig. very full of something. These cookies are chock full of big chunks of chocolate.
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References in classic literature ?
It looked like the work of a child of five, but a child would have had some naivete and might at least have made an attempt to put down what he saw; but here was the work of a vulgar mind chock full of recollections of vulgar pictures.
We have a big city, full of alien quarters, full of hiding places, and chock full of criminals, but our police catch em, all the same.
Leslie was full of ambition and her head was chock full of brains.
I am chock full of beautiful and noble thoughts, and I want to stop like it, because it feels nice and good.
As I laid all of a heap in our kitchen, plastered all over, you might have thought I was a large brown-paper parcel, chock full of nothing but groans.
As well as over 200 arts and crafts stalls, head downstairs to find the Vintage and Food Fairs, chock full of unique festive party wear and tasty treats.
Chock full of death, magic, rage, and power, The Nine of Diamonds jumps off the page like an uncontrollable howl against the unyielding tides of history.
The Smith & Wesson Performance Center has a product line chock full of hunting handguns, including the MODEL 629 .44 MAGNUM HUNTER.
And the yellow rice salad was chock full of vegetables.
Splashed next to the Giant Deckchair near the Sheraton Hotel, the market touts a full selection of street foods, handmade curiousities, fresh farm produce as well as an entertainment zone chock full of events for children.
The former chef told Richard Mineards, columnist for the Montecito Journal, that the Princess of Wales had made him served a fat-free version of the mousse to her, whereas Winfrey had the full-fat dish chock full of mayonnaise, sour cream and heavy cream.
9BAR Organic is handmade in Wales and chock full of great ingredients.
This Sidepack is a well4hougbtout carry bog, chock full of pockets and can do ambidextrous double-duty as either a shoulder or fanny pack.
While this issue does not have a feature article, both the "What's New" and "Innovations in the News" sections are chock full of important announcements and insightful reports, policy and program developments both at the Department and in the field, and news articles.
By now you should have received your 2008 Fall/Winter Resources Catalog, which is chock full of products that will help jumpstart your school year.