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chock full of (something)

Having a lot of something; very full of something. If you don't like raisins, you won't like this cake —it's chock full of them. Good luck fitting anything else in that storage locker—it is just chock full of boxes.
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chock full of something

Fig. very full of something. These cookies are chock full of big chunks of chocolate.
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pull chocks

and pull up stakes
tv. to leave a place. (see also up stakes.) Time to pull chocks and get out of here. We pulled up stakes and moved on.
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So if you are looking for a wheel chock that will really hold your bike in its place, take a look at the Titan Bulldog Moto Cradle Wheel Chock.
Salvo Chock is designed to fit any size or type of vehicle from 3 to 40 tonnes.
The new 1,435 square-foot store features Chock Full o' Nuts New York Classic Coffee, which has been a favorite brand for decades.
These critical fractions of a second accounted for the 10 to 15 degrees of pivot and a right mainmount balancing on top of a chock.
In addition, a full service Chock full o'Nuts Cafe, located on the second floor of this NYC tourist destination, is expected to begin operations shortly.
This year''s candidate Chock A Block already has an entry in the Derby -although Aidan O''Brien is not likely to be watching with trepidation.
Remember before you hit the road to make sure the chock block door is securely locked.
Analyst comment: Moving aircraft without everyone's verification that chocks and chains are removed is, as this story points out, very dangerous.
The invention's unique design enables users to easily and effortlessly apply and retract a chock to and from a tire.
to be the authorized provider of Timken repair services for chock bearing maintenance and chock repair for metal manufacturing customers in Canada.
Chock believes we live out our "myths of origin" because of a need to idealize our society.
This is achieved through patented technology that interlocks either an exposed airline coupling, or a wheel chock, and the loading dock door.
Always chock the caravan's wheels when parking and apply car's parking brake 9.
The PC wanted me to check the auxiliary-brake gauge because he noticed the aircraft had no tie-down chains and only one chock installed.
My favourite is the Very Edible Gardens website Power of the Chock page and it includes a list of books for further reading.