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chisel in

slang To gain part of or involvement in something by unfair methods. Any time my parents give me money, my brother manages to chisel in on it by whining to them.
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chisel (one) out of (something)

To swindle something from someone. That con man chiseled us out of thousands, I'm ashamed to say.
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chisel in (on someone or something)

Sl. to use deception to get a share of something. I won't chisel in on your deal. You had better not chisel in!
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chisel in

See also: chisel
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Fiske's name was penciled - not chiseled - at the top of the depth chart Monday as training camp opened.
Arnoldi has made his reputation with paintings on layered plywood, chiseled in part with a chain saw; painted assemblages of sticks and twigs; and large canvases densely layered with images.
PHOTO (color) Tom Lasorda's Hall of Fame plaque has been chiseled.
Chiseled in brown South Dakota granite, the welcoming quote from Franklin Delano Roosevelt sums up the story told in his long-awaited memorial: ``This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with history.
Three men, tall and slender, with chiseled jaw lines and slightly tousled hair, appear beneath a strobe light.
Greg Kinnear plays a character known only to the movies: the hardened criminal with chiseled looks and the heart of a softie (if you've ever been to the movies, you know he will have a sad story about his childhood to explain why he became a hardened criminal).
At the top of the act, they are ``birthed'' from a circle of figures - he emerging in a mere loincloth that shows off his chiseled-body perfection, she in a clingy outfit that displays her equally chiseled beauty.
1) during weekends - have chiseled away at KROQ's core audience, leaving the influential Burbank new-rock outlet to drop from No.
The Blaze (2-12) chiseled away at Lancaster's lead, scoring single runs in the fourth and fifth innings and two in the sixth to make it 8-5.
Wilker sawed and drilled, chipped and chiseled her creation, one of four ice sculptures she crafted for a senior project.
This reprinted homage reveals a life chiseled out of personal courage and a cache of works wrought with sustained power and expression.
Linda Hamilton made a fascinating metamorphosis from beleaguered everywoman in the first installment to chiseled "I could take Angela Bassett in an-arm-wrestling contest" badass in T2.
With short bursts from his chiseled arms, actor Ron Sarchian punched a 100-pound bag every two seconds - something he'll have to do 86,400 times if he reaches his goal of breaking the world record for longevity at the event.