chisel out of

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chisel (one) out of (something)

To swindle something from someone. That con man chiseled us out of thousands, I'm ashamed to say.
See also: chisel, of, out

chisel someone out of something

 and chisel something out of someone; chisel something from someone
to get something away from someone by cheating. The scam tried to chisel pension money out of retired people.
See also: chisel, of, out
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There are basically two types of guides: Some clamp a chisel from the sides, while others clamp top to bottom.
David's bent over his workbench, choosing a chisel from his grandfather's collection.
3 TO SHARPEN the edge, slide the chisel from right to left and back again with the rest set at 25 to 30 degrees (match your original angle).
Stop and chisel from the opposite direction if you feel this happening.
Then chisel from the end to remove the piece before continuing.