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chisel in

slang To gain part of or involvement in something by unfair methods. Any time my parents give me money, my brother manages to chisel in on it by whining to them.
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chisel (one) out of (something)

To swindle something from someone. That con man chiseled us out of thousands, I'm ashamed to say.
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chisel in (on someone or something)

Sl. to use deception to get a share of something. I won't chisel in on your deal. You had better not chisel in!
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chisel someone out of something

 and chisel something out of someone; chisel something from someone
to get something away from someone by cheating. The scam tried to chisel pension money out of retired people.
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chisel in (on someone/something)

in. to use deception to get a share of something. I won’t chisel in on your deal.
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chisel in

See also: chisel
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Sentencing Gebremariam, Judge Hancox told him: "A chisel with a sixinch blade found its way into your bag.
Suddenly he plunged the chisel into my chest and I was in severe pain and started to scream.
This time, push the chisel in the opposite diagonal direction.
Chisel remembers the process, thus: "We had such a common language in the way we attacked music-making.
Hammer & Chisel will use the proceeds to launch its new tablet-only game Fates Forever which is a reinterpretation of the MOBA genre.
Tools for the job Flat wood drill bit set, Pozi screwdriver, wood chisels, mallet, saw, bradawl, sandpaper, screwdriver set, tape measure, plane, goggles, dust mask, gloves, dust sheet Wear safety goggles and a dust mask when sawing or planing wood as the dust and wood chippings can cause damage to both eyes and lungs.
He began calling his son that, but his daughter Hilda turned it to Chis, and from there the boy's friends modified it to Chisel.
They picked up the steel rod, hammer and chisel kept inside their house and killed them," another police officer said.
Weapon of choice: Thug clutches 6in chisel; 1 The attacker leans menacingly over his victim, the 6in chisel clearly visible in his right hand.
wood chisel slipped and drove into my left hand, just behind my thumb.
2 FILL any gaps around the glass before you paint the window, using a multi-purpose putty, then smooth in with the edge of the chisel knife.
But there's a catch: Even the best chisel isn't worth much unless you use it appropriately and sharpen it well.
Several breaker manufacturers offer their own chisel paste or other lubricant designed specifically for breakers.
Before attacking the plastic with a hammer and chisel, look hard for the source of the leak (the red resin really helps) and try to confirm by examining the seal point in this area--look for a resin film between the tooling that would indicate separation.
4 Make-Up Center (Brushes) Angle Shader $20 Small Chisel Fluff $20 Large Chisel Fluff $20 Chisel Contour $20