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chisel in

slang To gain part of or involvement in something by unfair methods. Any time my parents give me money, my brother manages to chisel in on it by whining to them.
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chisel (one) out of (something)

To swindle something from someone. That con man chiseled us out of thousands, I'm ashamed to say.
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chisel in (on someone or something)

Sl. to use deception to get a share of something. I won't chisel in on your deal. You had better not chisel in!
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chisel someone out of something

 and chisel something out of someone; chisel something from someone
to get something away from someone by cheating. The scam tried to chisel pension money out of retired people.
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chisel in (on someone/something)

in. to use deception to get a share of something. I won’t chisel in on your deal.
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chisel in

See also: chisel
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Chisel remembers the process, thus: "We had such a common language in the way we attacked music-making.
Everyone can hear Chisel utter that one monosyllable, but the rest of his speech is either garbled or inaudible.
Chisels--Essential Woodworking Tools (types of chisels, chisel construction, using a chisel, taking care of your chisels, etc.
While a blacksmith handled hot cut is preferable, a hand-held chisel will work.
Park the disk and use the chisel, if you have the choice.
David lays down the chisel and picks up a folded scrap of sandpaper.
The result is a drill point with a continuous formed relief separated by a formed chisel edge.
Hyundai's HDB series breakers offer a powerful impact with a large chisel diameter from 1.
INK-CREDIBLY Rihanna has ditched this Maori tattoo she had etched on her hand with a chisel just three weeks ago.
To avoid this issue, but still help candidates improve their application essays, Pen and Chisel LLC has developed two online personal statement writing and editing classes: Launch: Personal Statement and Refine: Personal Statement.
Woodworking Series saw blades and IRWIN Marples Bevel Edge Chisel line.
Rage customers wanted their favorite broadhead in chisel tip form, and now they've gotten their wish.
A week af ter that, his brother Bryan had his penis hacked off in a horror chisel attack.
This machine is designed to put a square chisel cut in the corner of cabinet doors--quickly and easily.
You could also use a chisel but window scrapers are more manoeuvrable because they have shorter handles.