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Trading under the name 'The Oldest Fish & Chip Shop in the World', fish and chips are believed to have been served from the premises continually since 1865.
Despite the arrival of more adventurous flavors and variants in the local potato chips scene, we still have a long way to go, considering the existence of mushroom-flavored potato chips in Czechoslovakia, maple syrup and moose potato chips in Canada, mint potato chips in India, and blueberry or lemon tea potato chips in China.
Classic Burger Joint (CBJ) -- a popular Lebanese burgers restaurant with branches in Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Cyprus -- introduced a potato chips brand under their name during the opening of The Backyard Hazmieh in June 2016.
Manufacturing Technology of Chip Resistor: This chapter is mainly divided into three major parts as Development, Analysis and Trends of Chip Resistor Manufacturing Technology.
In real metal machining the width of cut was at least five times greater than the depth of cut; therefore, the chip was produced under nearly plane-strain conditions.
Laptops with Trinity chips will offer around eight hours of battery life, Taylor said.
Although the shipment volume is dwarfed by the volumes of the company's other handset chips as MT6253 and MT6252, MT6573 commands much higher prices and offer more powerful functions than other chips, fueling expectations that the smartphone chip will help raise revenue next quarter.
At full capacity, Pistones Moresa, Mexico City, Mexico, an aluminum casting facility producing pistons for the Mexican automotive market, generates 65 tons of machining chips per month.
The Poulson chip includes a record 3.1 billion transistors and will be made using the 32-nanometer process, an improvement from the 65-nm process used to make Tukwila chips.
Packaged in resealable bags sporting light-hearted doodles, the line ranges from traditional potato chips and restaurant-style tortilla chips to crunchy kettle-style chips in a variety of flavors.
Fish and chips are a perfect partnership, but over the years some other classic chip combinations have become firm favourites - including some iconic dishes such as chicken and chips in a basket; gammon, egg and chips; chips and curry; and steak and chips.
Then cut out the voucher (below) and take it along to your nearest participating fish & chip shop to claim your two-for-one fish and chips until next Saturday, September 26, 2009.
Northerners also preferred chip butties but Southerners opted for steak and chips - although fish and chips were liked by all, said the poll by OnePoll for the Potato Council's National Chip Week.