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You'll have to turn the chips to counter the unevenness of the heat, but you will get a really unique flavor.
The Korean government's game plan in the SoC area is to develop multimedia chips for mobile phones, PDAs and other communications devices and make Korea one of the world leaders in the field by the end of 2007.
Establishing optimum chip size distribution would improve productivity in the digester and produce better product uniformity," he said.
In a new project based on a "human-on-a-chip"--the first chip by the Cornell team to use only cells from people--Shuler and his colleagues are investigating the response of uterine tumors to chemotherapy regimens.
Current scanners cannot read the passive chips from more than a few feet away, but design advances or the addition of a separate power source for the chip could expand those ranges and make possible the tracking of individuals with the chips.
Compared to conventional approaches, the SoCMosaic custom chip HW/SW co-development environment allows software development to begin as much as one year sooner.
Intel's 850 chip set finally takes full advantage of Intel's memory controller hub (MCH) architecture, which eliminates the legacy northbridge/southbridge architecture used in virtually all earlier Pentium designs.
Wilson and 100 other scientists co-signed a letter calling for a moratorium on chip mills until a federal study is completed.
Along with the benefit of Margulies' accessibility and rental lore, CHIP attracts those owners who want to get directly involved in lobbying efforts and are willing to help other owners, just as its founders did nearly 30 years ago.
While the NexGen chip offers the compatibility that users are looking for, it uses a slightly different process than AMD and Cyrix chips.
When we tried Louise's Fat-Free chips last May, we loved their crisp, light, chip-like taste.
To improve the reliability of wireless devices, chip manufacturers have created SiGe BiCMOS chips that put computing and communications transistors onto one chip instead of using separate chips for computing and communications applications.