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A dessicator will give more of a chewy treat rather than a true chip.
The government and industry are helping build a local cluster of chip design, testing and manufacturing activities.
When sawmills are balancing demand for smooth surface, high yield lumber against chip size, lumber quality will win every time," said Fuller.
CHIP OFF THE OLD BODY Shuler coined the term animal-on-a-chip in 1999, when he, Baxter, and their colleagues were devising microversions of Shuler's tabletop setups.
Club-goers in Barcelona, Spain, now use a similar chip like a smart card to speed their drink orders and payments.
You program the chip using Divelbiss' own PC-based EZ Ladder software, which conforms to the IEC-61131 standard plus extensions.
As the industry's leading hardware/software co-verification environment, we value Toshiba's selection of the Mentor Graphics Seamless technology for its SoCMosaic custom chip strategy," said Serge Leef, general manager of Mentor Graphics SoC Verification division.
True to its claim, the Tostitos Scoops tortilla chips proved to be the favorite dipping chip among the competitors.
As expected, the Pentium 4 chip supports a 400 MHz system bus, surpassing--for the moment, anyway--the AMD Athlon bus speed.
In just 10 years, the number of chip mills in the region has more than tripled--to at least 150--each devouring an average of 10,000 acres of forest a year," says Danna Smith, executive director of the Dogwood Alliance, a consortium of environmental groups opposing chip mill operations.
CHIP was founded in 1966 by a group of owners who were facing similar plights, meeting in courthouse halls and through their attorneys to discuss their problems and help each other.
Three small chip makers are looking to put an end to Intel's dominance of the high-end microprocessor market.
Several chemistry chip manufacturers are making substantial progress toward this goal.
If you've taken a side on the fat-free chip debate, fill us in on what you think.
In developing the Am2000 chip family, Ambric first created its structural object-programming model for massively-parallel computing, and then architected the silicon to create a context-free object programming environment in hardware.