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smoke like a chimney

To smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc., continuously and in large amounts. My grandma smoked like a chimney and lived to be 94 years old, so I can never take people's warnings about cigarettes too seriously. Every Sunday, my father would plonk himself in his favorite armchair with the newspaper, smoking like a chimney.
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smoke like a chimney

to smoke a great deal of tobacco or other smokable substances. My uncle smoked like a chimney when he was living. somebody who smokes like a chimney in a restaurant ought to be thrown out.
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smoke like a chimney

smoke tobacco incessantly.
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ˌsmoke like a ˈchimney

(informal) smoke a lot of cigarettes: You think I smoke a lot? You should meet Joe — he smokes like a chimney.
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smoke like a chimney

in. to smoke a great deal of tobacco or other smokable substances. Somebody who smokes like a chimney in a restaurant ought to be thrown out.
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smoke like a chimney, to

To smoke tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, and so on) to excess. Generally stated as a criticism of the smoker, this term, which likens the habit to smoke pouring out of a chimney, has become a cliché owing to increasing disapproval of the tobacco habit. C. Parker used it in The Body on the Beach (1989), “‘I thought she’d given it up.’—‘What, Mary? She smokes like a chimney.’”
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The evening with which we have to do, was neither a summer nor an autumn one, but the twilight of a day in March, when the wind howled dismally among the bare branches of the trees, and rumbling in the wide chimneys and driving the rain against the windows of the Maypole Inn, gave such of its frequenters as chanced to be there at the moment an undeniable reason for prolonging their stay, and caused the landlord to prophesy that the night would certainly clear at eleven o'clock precisely,--which by a remarkable coincidence was the hour at which he always closed his house.
There is iron-dust on everything; and the smoke is seen through the windows rolling heavily out of the tall chimneys to mingle with the smoke from a vaporous Babylon of other chimneys.
Roused into new strength and energy, and stimulated by the noise within the house which announced that an entrance had really been effected, he set his foot against the stack of chimneys, fastened one end of the rope tightly and firmly round it, and with the other made a strong running noose by the aid of his hands and teeth almost in a second.
The whole of one side of the laboratory was taken up with a large chimney, crucibles, ovens, and such implements as are needed for chemical experiments; tables, loaded with phials, papers, reports, an electrical machine,--an apparatus, as Monsieur Darzac informed me, employed by Professor Stangerson to demonstrate the Dissociation of Matter under the action of solar light--and other scientific implements.
Let us turn to the chimneys. These, although of ordinary width for some eight or ten feet above the hearths, will not admit, throughout their extent, the body of a large cat.
He looked about for a nice convenient place, and he fixed upon the chimney.
So Bill's got to come down the chimney, has he?' said Alice to herself.
The brigadier sent for some sticks and straw, and having filled the chimney with them, set a light to it.
"It certainly does need a chimney," said John importantly.
He, however, was careless of the peril, but as wild and restless as the night itself, or as the flame that quivered up the chimney at each roar of the tempestuous wind.
When the villagers were lighting their fires beyond the horizon, I too gave notice to the various wild inhabitants of Walden vale, by a smoky streamer from my chimney, that I was awake.--
The best sitting-room at Manor Farm was a good, long, dark- panelled room with a high chimney-piece, and a capacious chimney, up which you could have driven one of the new patent cabs, wheels and all.
Let us carry the body on the roof of the house and lower it down the chimney of our neighbour the Mussulman." Now this Mussulman was employed by the Sultan, and furnished his table with oil and butter.
The light from the long, wide, mullioned window opposite shone in upon his nook, and, assisted by a secondary light of cold blue quality which shone down the chimney, enabled him to read there easily whenever disposed to do so.
It lacked a door and a window frame, and the chimney of mud and stones had fallen into an unlovely heap, overgrown with rank weeds.