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Your symptoms may also have you suffering a feeling of chilliness and a real craving for heat.
Iris discovers Paula's chilliness has already caused some casualties - she's estranged from her licentious daughter (Carly Pope, of the upcoming WB series ``Popular'') and working on losing her husband, as well.
Follow-up observations with IRAM, a 30-meter radio telescope in Pico Veleta, Spain, attest to the chilliness and high density of the clouds, he notes.
that although sledging and snowman construction is an absolute hoot, I have a tolerance level for snow and general chilliness which is approaching its limit.
It covered the thyroid symptoms, her diarrhea, anxiety, chilliness, joint symptoms, and a feeling of mistrust of and betrayal by her mother.
It is often prescribed for symptoms relating to hormone imbalance, apathy, indifference to others, feelings of being overwhelmed, chilliness, dislike of fuss or damp, dislike of consolation, depression, and weeping.
It found "a simple hot drink of fruit cordial can provide immediate and sustained relief from symptoms of runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, chilliness and tiredness".
Some fear that the chilliness in political ties could spill over into the economic arena.
The settings with their rich lighting suggest immediately the chilliness of Imperial Rome and the erotic voluptuousness of Egypt, with Cleopatra's court a nest of sexual caprice and indulgent cruelty.
It was an impression that Santayana was careful to cultivate, and it nurtured the reputation he had (despite his conspicuous financial generosity) for emotional chilliness.
Change in temperament: This varies from chilliness and stupor to great excitation and tremor.
She became known in the shorthand of the moment as "the knit person," but a certain chilliness or ironic distance pervaded these pieces; this somewhat mocking stance problematized easy feminist labels, suggesting instead a stranger, more idiosyncratic engagement with questions of female subjectivity in the process of making art.
Withdrawal symptoms include cramps, shivering chilliness, sneezing and sweating.
As if to dispel any lingering chilliness, the couple have filled El Paradiso with homey bric-a-brac and exotic souvenirs: Balinese wood carvings, Indian throw pillows, miniature plates inscribed with Copenhagen's ``Little Mermaid,'' oil paintings of Paris' Sacre Coeur church.
The thing is with snowmen, mum," I was told as we headed out into the chilliness, "when the sun comes out, they melt.