slang Spending time relaxing. Often shortened colloquially to "chillin'." We're just chillin' and watching some TV, if you want to join us. Most of the trip was just chilling by the beach and eating great food. It was perfect!
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mod. great; excellent. Everybody there was chillin’.
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Task cards will be provided to attendees to help make the movie come alive, as we will all be "Chillin like a Villain."
The series will also feature Owen Teale, Alex Kingston, Lindsay Duncan, Valarie Pettiford, Edward Bluemel, Aiysha Hart, Trevor Eve, Malin Buska and Gregg Chillin as support cast members.
Caption: CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Grillin N Chillin at the Fields is a fun event for all ages.
The 25-year-old former Britain's Got Talent winner retweeted a post that read, "@georgesampson wot the f** r u doin chillin witroxannepallett ...
Now 21, he was just 12 when Wale cracked the Beltway and the charts with "Chillin," 14 when Fat Trel dropped "Respect Wit The Tech," 18 when Beyonce covered Shy Glizzy's "Awwsome" at the Global Citizen Festival.
The FDA has issued letters of warning to Chillin Mix Kratom and Mitra Distributing for making unproven medical claims about their kratom products--and therefore breaking federal law according to a statement from Dr.
Just chillin. #thatshowitsdone #relaxationneedsimagination #ontopoftheworld??
(Tyson is a filmmaker, writer, producer, and cofounder and resident director of Never Not Chillin Productions, and coproducer of Calling All Queer Queens, an Instagram media channel specializing in content for queer women.)
"If your chillin with my opps [opposition] I ain't gonna adjust my aim for you," the post read, linked to a news item about the shooting.
This is something we see in Liz's posts as someone from "Western North Carolina," and as someone who enjoyed eating Chinese food, participating in Chinese cultural activities, traveling to different places (e.g., "Chillin on the Mekong"), and expressing herself through the language of China: "[phrase omitted]!" (Farewell Guangxi!).
We were chillin that day tho I wonder who these 'backstage insiders' were," she wrote at the time.
L-R: Deacon red faceted mug, PS10, and V&A William Kilburn enamel mug, PS11, BIA Jasmine pedestal mug PS8.95, notjust Sloth chillin mug, PS8, Roald Dahl mug, PS11.83 yellow octopus.
Cheeky Kai earlier pulled an excited face as he jumped off a boat branded "Just Chillin".
Kai yelped with delight as he jumped from a boat emblazoned with "Just Chillin" on the side .
GRANT ALEXANDER: David you want a ride in my boat STAN JONES: I bet he was just chillin LLOYD FRASER HODSON: How the devil could they do that!?