chill (one) to the marrow

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chill (one) to the marrow

1. To make or be very cold. A pronoun does not have to be used between "chill" and "to." ("Marrow" is the soft tissue found inside bones.) After shoveling snow for hours, I am just chilled to the marrow. The wind from the mountain chilled us to the marrow.
2. To cause one to be very scared. In this usage, a pronoun is usually used between "chill" and "to." The sight of blood just chills me to the marrow.
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chilled to the marrow


frozen to the marrow

mainly BRITISH
If you are chilled to the marrow or frozen to the marrow, you are very cold. Note: `Marrow' is the fatty substance inside the bones of a person or animal. She was chilled to the marrow and wet through.
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chill somebody to the ˈbone/ˈmarrow

frighten somebody very much: His threat chilled her to the bone.
Marrow is a soft substance that fills the hollow parts of bones.
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If you're going to read a psychological thriller, wouldn't you rather one where the tension is at nail-biting pitch, stories which chill to the marrow, that leave us afraid to turn the light out at two in the morning, tales that turn our dreams lurid?
Without central heating, your bones chill to the marrow and your feet feel as if they are getting frostbite.