chill (one) to the marrow

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chill (one) to the marrow

1. To make or be very cold. A pronoun does not have to be used between "chill" and "to." ("Marrow" is the soft tissue found inside bones.) After shoveling snow for hours, I am just chilled to the marrow. The wind from the mountain chilled us to the marrow.
2. To cause one to be very scared. In this usage, a pronoun is usually used between "chill" and "to." The sight of blood just chills me to the marrow.
See also: chill, marrow

chilled to the marrow


frozen to the marrow

mainly BRITISH
If you are chilled to the marrow or frozen to the marrow, you are very cold. Note: `Marrow' is the fatty substance inside the bones of a person or animal. She was chilled to the marrow and wet through.
See also: chill, marrow

chill somebody to the ˈbone/ˈmarrow

frighten somebody very much: His threat chilled her to the bone.
Marrow is a soft substance that fills the hollow parts of bones.
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