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The dependent variables measuring adaptation to biological childlessness for the participants in the study were marital, sexual, and life satisfaction; self-esteem; and symptomatic psychological distress.
(20) For the earlier cohorts, these childlessness estimates are substantially less than those of up to 31 per cent in R.
Choosing childlessness? In Helen Wilkinson (ed.) Family Business (pp.127-133).
The 25 childless couples participated in an in-depth interview to determine their feelings and responses to (a) biblical texts that seem to perpetuate a bias toward childlessness and (b) certain celebrated occasions that are normative for religious faith-based institutions.
* Even in resource-poor settings, clients are willing to pay for services because they greatly value help in overcoming childlessness. A significant portion of a clinic's costs can be covered by fees charged to clients.
It's the forces driving widespread childlessness that should concern us.
Considering that its subtitle is "Women's Writing on Childlessness," there sure is a lot of writing about children in here--which came as a great disappointment to this reader, a childless-by-choice woman who plans on remaining so (and has recently reached the age at which people feel free to ask when the kiddies will arrive).
GAYLE: I recently finished a five-year doctoral research project in which I conducted interviews with twenty-four women and eight men in the United Kingdom in order to explore the social, emotional, and medical experiences of "infertility" and "involuntary childlessness." I corresponded with another forty-one women who either lived an inconvenient distance away or who preferred to write rather than talk.
Not only does the garret stand as an unencumbered space between motherlessness and maternal nurturing, but, in a larger sense, it also serves Brent as a space between freedom and slavery, childhood and adulthood, motherhood and childlessness, presence and absence, even life and death.
Yet several features of adoptive parents, children, and their environments suggest that despite certain cultural prejudices and suspicions, adoption was a relatively familiar and widely accepted practice among the middling sort in early modern France, especially in cases of childlessness.
There is a particularly moving contribution on childlessness by a couple who have just adopted a little boy after 14 years of marriage.
Age does not account for the differences in marital status or childlessness, said the survey's authors, Dr.
This plus the couple's childlessness left her impoverished and embattled, the object of intrigue.
Several reproductive factors have been linked to increased risk of breast cancer -- from early menses and late menopause to childlessness and late age at first pregnancy.