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The PPCP scale was used to measure parent's valuing of child's play and their behaviors related to play.
Cronbach alpha was used to determine the reliability of the questionnaire; the value for the Parents' Perceptions of Child's Play Scale (PPCP) was .
This phenomenological study has four goals: (1) to investigate the meaning of child's play according to Turkish early childhood educators, (2) to inform and educate Turkish early childhood educators about child's play, (3) to update the present literature in the field while serving as a phenomenological study example, and (4) to propose recommendations for future studies.
First, as focusing on the essential structures of child's play, this research study identifies the meaning of child's play from the perspectives of Turkish early childhood educators depending on their own, perceptions, descriptions, and childhood experiences.
For every play of Gift of the Yeti, BioWare will donate a minimum of a penny, up to $10,000 to the Child's Play charity.
Since 2003, over 100,000 gamers worldwide have banded together through Child's Play (www.
Setting up a virtual tree park allows our members to give back while they showcase their creativity and holiday spirit, and we expect that the campaign and the mission of Child's Play will really resonate with our community.
Child's Play, a games-industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children by supplying toys and games to a network of more than 40 children's hospitals worldwide, will receive 100 percent of the proceeds from the auction.
The mission of Child's Play is to share, encourage and validate the creativity of children by presenting original works of theatre, music and dance adapted from stories and poems written by young authors.
Children are creative engines," says Child's Play director, Darrell Barber.
CHICAGO -- The Arts Federation program, a government program designed to assist four million federal employees with their charitable contributions has selected Child's Play Touring Theatre as their sole Illinois Representative for the Arts.
Child's Play 3 (1991): Eight years after the last wrath of Chucky, the toy company decides to relaunch the Good Guy doll.
Analysts agree that toy companies will be more successful if they use technology to serve an education purpose or enhance a child's play experience," according to Catherine Valenti, ABCNEWS.
Will stand the test of time and can continue to be a part of a child's play as he or she gets older.
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