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chide (one) for (something)

To reprimand or tease one about something. The other guys on the team chided him for missing that easy basket. Mom chided me for coming to the party without a gift.
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chide someone for something

to tease or scold someone for doing something. Maria chided Gerald for being late.
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Waiting in the departure lounge for the Cardiff flight, I was aware of a typical extended Italian family seated nearby, dominated by a grandmother dressed in traditional bombazine black, who was continually and volubly chiding the younger members of the party in Italian.
Some of our top underwriting professionals have "crossed over" (as we delight in chiding them), bringing their considerable skills to bear for such agencies.
I remember chiding my labor council for its resistance.
So next time you're chiding yourself for driving past the Sears Tower again on your way to O'Hare, make a mental note to check out Wyndham for your next business trip and stay an extra day to do what you want to do.
It must be all that sea air in Harrogate - Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt chiding noisy Tories in the Commons after their weekend conference in Harrogate - which is among the furthest from the sea of any town in the country.
Kent's tone in these discussions is often polemical, chiding individual scholars and exaggerating their viewpoints.
His views - supporting affirmative action, condemning black crime, chiding white racism - are perfectly respectable, but commonplace.
But the championship match took a backseat to comments attributed to (and then denied by) Hingis, chiding Mauresmo for her open lesbian relationship.