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chide (one) for (something)

To reprimand or tease one about something. The other guys on the team chided him for missing that easy basket. Mom chided me for coming to the party without a gift.
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chide someone for something

to tease or scold someone for doing something. Maria chided Gerald for being late.
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On occasion, you will find names and offices chided; but there is always a call for the Christ-centred response.
The perception that FCS is on the wrong track also has been fueled by media reports quoting retired officers, whom Yakovac chided for speaking about a subject they may know little about.
It all began when the talk-show host was chided by a Jacuzzi Inc.
The Vatican statement chided the developed world for failing to live up to previous pledges on development aid, in particular the commitment by many nations to boost foreign aid budgets to 0.7 percent of their national income.
The rather gloomy vice-president of another firm chided him severely and asserted in a mournful voice that no matter how national and international affairs went, a slight recession was inevitable.
The ruling and opposition camps agreed to settle the issue by having Takenaka, along with Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Seiken Sugiura, respond to questions on his absence at the communications panel and chided by Kono, in addition to Hosoda's apology, lawmakers said.
Taylor and Lindsey Jo had good intentions when they whipped up a batch of cookies and left it on Wanita Renea Young's porch with a paper-heart message: "Have a great night." The judge chided the girls for rapping on the door at such a late hour.
My husband at first chided my purchase, but he too has seen the beauty and simplicity of the "Wonder that is the Scythe."
"This case has attracted five times the media interest that same-sex marriage did," chided Hannaford.
The whole episode reminds me of Clinton's 1998 State of the Union address, widely chided at the same time by reporters for going on too long, but which surveys later showed was well appreciated by a public whose appetite for detail is often underestimated.
Public health authorities in Westchester County chided local physicians for charging $35 per vaccine (7), and a 29-year-old woman, dressed up as a nurse, vaccinated 500 people with water to impress her "man companion" until she was sent to the Bellevue psychiatric ward for evaluation (8).
Kenneth Haller, GLMA president, specifically chided Florida for its policy of allowing gays and lesbians to serve as foster parents while not allowing them to adopt.
PETER JOHNSON once chided Steve Gibson for helping fuel the Premiership's wages explosion.
Price argued that investors of all stripes need more disclosure and accountability from fund families about their processes, and he chided the industry for using its fee collections not to improve its investing acumen but to bulk up marketing, distribution and promotion of glossy events like golf tournaments.
Part of that came from a colleague of mine who chided me for criticizing those who don't take these programs seriously without offering practical help to those who are struggling to make a program work.