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chide (one) for (something)

To reprimand or tease one about something. The other guys on the team chided him for missing that easy basket. Mom chided me for coming to the party without a gift.
See also: chide

chide someone for something

to tease or scold someone for doing something. Maria chided Gerald for being late.
See also: chide
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Critiquing the critics, Steinberg chides even the artist for occasionally indulging in trite sexual jokes as if inspired by the commentators' banalities.
Instead, he recognizes that the principal purpose of nuclear weapons is to discourage the other side from using nuclear weapons as well as to damp down potential conflicts that might escalate into conventional and then into nuclear wars, and he justifiably chides the proponents of "flexible response"--gradual escalation from conventional weapons to "tactical" nuclear weapons to larger-scale nuclear exchanges--for not thinking seriously about where flexibility can lead.
Our young theologian chides us by saying that "sex between married people is not automatically more sacramental than between two unmarried people.
My husband chides me for allowing our son, who is much lighter than us, to play in the summer sun.
We note that a letter (ECHOLetters,May 7) chides your publication for its lack of coverage on Canada's participation in the Battle.
In that remarkable essay, Heron chides his London colleagues for their obtuseness, refers to Clement Greenberg's "brilliant Partisan Review articles," and exhibits a profound formal astuteness and an unusual ability to rethink his premises.