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Later in the day, he chanced upon another stray chicken near the stables.
And furthermore," the son went on, "for every chicken he kills, I'll pay you one dollar gold coin of the realm.
And if, at the end of the afternoon White Fang hasn't harmed a chicken, for every ten minutes of the time he has spent in the yard, you will have to say to him, gravely and with deliberation, just as if you were sitting on the bench and solemnly passing judgment, 'White Fang, you are smarter than I thought.
Origen Therapeutics today announced the first published scientific report of fully functional, human sequence monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) produced in chickens.
WHILE BOTH PREPARED AND UNPREPARED FRESH CHICKEN ARE GROWING IN DOLLAR SALES, there are different consumer groups shopping each category.
But chickens are cheaper to take care of, need less room, and grow faster than these other animals.
Those rotisserie chickens are the ultimate in convenience but prices have been rising.
The bacteria don't harm the chickens but can cause diarrhea in consumers who eat undercooked chicken.
Arsenic is an approved feed supplement that farmers use to control intestinal parasites in chickens--especially young chickens ("broilers"), which are more vulnerable to such parasites--provided they wait five days after dosing to slaughter, to allow time for the toxicant to pass through the birds' bodies.
Meanwhile, Ginger (voice of Julie Sawalha) is inspiring her fellow chickens to leave the farm behind and find freedom.
Since 1961, scientists have known the virus could kill chickens.
Tengku introduced him to the Lau family of seven brothers, who raised chickens and sold their eggs in the markets of Johore.
Based on the data of monthly prices of different raw feed materials, livestock and poultry in different regions, we used the stocking efficiency model to analyze changes in the benefits of raising: egg chickens and broiler in key regions of China from 1998 to 2008.
The red junglefowl, native to Southeast Asia, belongs to the same species as the world's domesticated chicken flocks, explains Richard Wilson of Washington University School of Medicine in St.
I feel excited because I get to show my birds to someone who doesn't know very much about chickens,'' said Roxanne, 11.