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Ostentatiously fancy I don't like chi-chi décor like that—I would want my house to be comfortable and inviting.


A nickname for the city of Chicago, Illinois. Oh, when you're in Chi-town this weekend, you have to check out the Bean and go to a Cubs game.


mod. elegant. Her living room is so chi-chi that you are afraid to go in.


(ˈʃɑɪtɑʊn and ˈtʃɑɪtɑʊn)
n. Chicago, Illinois. I can’t wait to get back to old Chitown.


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These two rescue groups from different countries then worked together to fly Chi Chi to her new home.
Robinson Nurse of the Year Award is the most coveted award given to a Gamma Chi chapter member who has served above and beyond the expectations of membership.
Watch Chi Chi run and play wearing her new prosthetic legs https://www.
Harvey and threeyear-old Chi Chi are both show dogs and dog models who appear in TOP DOG: Groom TV adverts.
Yang's deep knowledge of tai chi and this advanced martial application comes through clearly in his thoughtful writing style.
Tai chi is performed as a series of slow, graceful, controlled body movements while your body remains straight and upright.
Dong Weiguang (1995) believed that all the semantic extensions of CHI are related to each other in the manner of the following relational chain: < put eatable things into mouth and swallow (core meaning) eat by way of (e.
The tai chi group also had greater improvement in one of three measures of cognitive function, reported Dr.
Tai Chi as a technique extends beyond its original goal of defeating the opponent (it was developed in China a thousand years ago based on a philosophy developed 2,000 years earlier), and dancers have discovered the benefits of regular practice.
Again the taiji classics say "Where the mind goes the chi follows.
Practiced for centuries by Chinese monks greeting the rising sun, tai chi has been used for defense, meditation and therapy.
In 1996, Professor Minh Chi, an expert on Vietnamese Buddhism, discussed the historic role of Buddhism as the guardian of the people and the social and political role of Buddhism in Vietnamese history.
Accumulated data has shown that different suppliers for the same grade of sand can meet a CHI Sq'd value of less than 1.