chew (away) at (something)

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chew (away) at (something)

To chew on something repeatedly or for a length of time. The baby has been completely miserable lately, except for when he's chewing away at a teething ring.
See also: chew

chew (away) at something

to gnaw or chew something for a period of time. The puppy chewed away at the leather belt all night.
See also: chew

chew someone's ass

reprimand someone severely.
See also: ass, chew

chew someone’s ass out

tv. to scold someone severely. (Usually objectionable.) The cop was really mad and chewed Bob’s ass out.
See also: ass, chew, out
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Winter monarch retreats are officially protected, but illegal logging chews away at Mexico's forests.
He chews away at it in the park then eventually drops it at someone's feet for them to throw, so he can chase it all over the place.
Every month, every week, every day a new UI concept comes along and chews away at our technological niche.