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These include stomach and intestinal blockage and potential ingestion of toxic chemicals used to process rawhide chews.
A dog who chews rawhide or a pig's ear for hours, tearing off and swallowing only tiny pieces at a time, probably won't suffer any ill effects, but the one who tries to gobble down crunchy, sharp shards of the dried ears, or large pieces of rawhide, is bound to end up at the veterinary ER someday.
Merial reported on Friday the market availability of Oravet dental hygiene chews for dogs in the US at the annual meeting of the American Veterinary Medical Association in Boston, Massachusetts.
Comment: These results suggest that increasing the number of chews before swallowing may reduce food intake and potentially help prevent obesity.
The soft chews join a line of 11 tablet supplements for dogs and cats.
Twistix[R], two-colored twisted dental chews for dogs, are made through NPIC's unique co extrusion technology, where each color is formulated with a specific function or flavor.
If you do happen to catch your dog in the act of chewing, give a firm "No" and replace the inappropriate chewing object with a chew toy.
Mammals use tongue muscles to position the food, so that jaw muscles can best use teeth to chew the food.
A survey conducted by the Al-Najat Foundation showed that about half of school students chew qat.
Dogs that experience separation anxiety are prone to destructive chewing on furniture, walls and doorframes, or even attempting to chew their way out of crates.
For extremely aggressive chewers, get a large toy the pet can't get his mouth around, or offer softer chews.
About 10 percent of the population now chews some form of betel.
The Buzz: According to McNeil Nutritionals, the makers of Benecol spreads, Smart Chews, a new chewable dietary supplement, is "proven to significantly reduce cholesterol.