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a close chewer and a tight spitter

One who is very frugal or stingy. I'm sure he hasn't spent any of that money he won because he's such a close chewer and a tight spitter.
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close chewer and a tight spitter

Rur. someone who hates to spend money; a cheapskate. He's a close chewer and a tight spitter. Everything about him looks run-down, but he's probably the richest man in the county.
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Either select super-tough toys specifically designed for aggressive chewers or do not leave your dog alone with her food-stuffed toy if she's an aggressive chewer.
Case reports and studies that included only khat chewers, those that did not report sufficient and clear findings on the association of the dependent and independent variables, those that used a purely convenience selection of study participants, commentaries, letters to the editor and debates were excluded.
(21.) Stich, H.F, Stich, W and Parida, B.B: Elevated frequency of micronucleated cells in the buccal mucosa of individuals at high risk for oral cancer: Betel quid chewers (1982), Cancer Lett; 17: 125-134.
They want chewers who are ready to quit to log on to their Web site - - and give the free, self-help quit program a whirl.
It animates the nervous system and excites the chewer, causes the pulse to increase and the blood pressure to rise.
Most of us are one-sided chewers. The muscles of mastication on the favored side become overdeveloped, and this can lead to symptoms of myofacial pain.
"There is no scientific basis [for the warning] and it is not based on real life experiences among miraa chewers," he said, and termed the remarks "unfortunate and very detrimental".
Those populations of Nekemte town in adolescents and adults age group are included in the study For the in-depth interview, khat chewers in the same age range were the study populations.
They are rated by the manufacturer on a "Tuff" scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being for the most aggressive chewers. They feature a minimum of seven layers of material and extra stitching and cross-stitching.
Dear chewers on cars, busses, and on the streets, please be careful not to shower people when you talk to them.
If your dog has weak teeth or is an avid chewer, it is probably best to avoid natural bones, because he may crack a tooth on the hard surface.
"We just have to get the message across to the chewer that if they put it in the bin we would not have this problem at all."
As an occasional betel nut chewer, I note that the report "Palm-Nut Problem" (SN: 1/15/05, p.
Dentists can often recognize the mouth of a gum chewer by its changes.
The basis of change in lipid profile in tobacco chewer is the sympathomimetic effect of nicotine.