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a close chewer and a tight spitter

One who is very frugal or thrifty. I'm sure he hasn't spent any of that money he won because he's such a close chewer and a tight spitter.
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close chewer and a tight spitter

Rur. someone who hates to spend money; a cheapskate. He's a close chewer and a tight spitter. Everything about him looks run-down, but he's probably the richest man in the county.
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In 2010, the Dental Research Journal reported that non-chewers have better oral hygiene than chewers.
Case reports and studies that included only khat chewers, those that did not report sufficient and clear findings on the association of the dependent and independent variables, those that used a purely convenience selection of study participants, commentaries, letters to the editor and debates were excluded.
Severson and his ORI colleagues have tested various methods to help chewers quit, and they're now trying to figure out the best way to harness the power of the Internet.
It animates the nervous system and excites the chewer, causes the pulse to increase and the blood pressure to rise.
Dear chewers on cars, busses, and on the streets, please be careful not to shower people when you talk to them.
They are great for puppies to gnaw away at and to learn to fetch with; however, avid chewers should be monitored to avoid damaging the teeth.
In Poole, Dorset, pictures of unpopular celebrities were put up and chewers invited to stick their gum on the face of Jeffrey Archer or Jeremy Beadle.
If you watch closely, you'll see that most gum chewers chew on one side most of the time.
Smokers are found worldwide while tobacco chewers are restricted to certain geographic including India and Central Asia Chewing is used, either by placing a plug of tobacco in the gingival buccal-mucosa or by chewing it.
5 to 10 times increase in the risk of oral cancers has been reported due to an increase in tobacco chewers.
Qat chewing phases Qat gives the chewer a strong focus and a desire to talk.
For years, experts thought that the cancer risks associated with betel chewing stemmed from tobacco in betel quid or from the high likelihood that a betel chewer would also be a tobacco smoker.
To sit opposite a gum chewer is both fascinating and disgusting and our pavements testify to the addicts' anti-social behaviour.
While four of the tykes ( gluttonous Augustus Gloop, spoilt brat Veruca Salt, championship gum chewer Violet Beauregarde and know-it-all Mike Teavee ( greedily devour everything in sight, young Charlie Bucket marvels at the sights and delicious smells of the sugary paradise.