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too many chefs in the kitchen

Too many people are trying to control, influence, or work on something, with the quality of the final product suffering as a result. (A variation of the more common phrase, "Too many chefs spoil the broth/stew/soup.") A: "The more that goes wrong with this project, the more people get involved. Now we've got my boss, his boss, the assistant manager, a freelance consultant, and the head of IT all involved, and it's turning into a complete disaster!" B: "It sounds to me like there are too many chefs in the kitchen."
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chef d'oeuvre

A masterpiece. When the sculpture was finally complete, the artist declared it his greatest chef d'oeuvre.
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Chef Surman started his culinary career completing a series of internships within two Michelin starred restaurants - Le Chateau Du Mylord and Sea Grill by Chef Yves Mattagne - both within Belgium.
Chef Works is the global culinary apparel brand that focuses on creating comfortable, stylish and high-quality garments for chefs and front of the house.
With qualifications and experience, you could progress to head chef or kitchen manager/ supervisor.
A chef or cook in a smaller operation may also be responsible for cleaning and tidying up and serving customers.
AC: How large is the production team that creates Iron Chef America?
In addition, sell the chef on the practicality of your requests by trying to work off their existing menu and limiting obscure ingredients in his or her recipes.
Craftsteak, 85 10th Avenue at 15th Street, features chef Tom Colicchio's personalized preparation of meat, fish and vegetables.
The Head Chef, who may also be called the executive chef or chef de cuisine, will be in charge of the whole kitchen.
his responsibilities included chef recruitment, advisement, and training.
Inveighing against the "unnaturalness" of imported foods, Peter Berley, cookbook author and former executive chef of New York's Angelica Kitchen, told the Boston Herald, "A child could tell you that there are no pumpkins in August, and if you could import them from somewhere, they wouldn't taste right.
People would ask to see the chef, and when they saw me you could just see that sort of hesitance--'it couldn't be
BH: Based on the reputation of the chef, based on the ratings, based on our own experiences.