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If an outbreak were to occur in any British city on the scale of the outbreak in Toronto, we should see the full glory of the cheeseparing managerial policies of the past few years that have reduced the numbers of beds in our hospitals to well below the minimum necessary and that cause all our hospitals to operate in a state of permanent crisis.
Following our ruthless expos, however, I am delighted to be able to report that there appears to have been not just a reversal of the cuts but an abrupt change of heart on the part the previously cheeseparing management.
Ill, doing work that was beneath him, with every kind of cheeseparing money worry imaginable, Naipaul's father nevertheless writes to him in England that "the truth is the only person I am often worried about is yourself.
Let us leave alone the cheeseparing, miserliness of the residents of the area, I am sure they each have a far superior vocation to spend their 10p on.
Who's to say what comes over a mortal, what chemical reaction takes place deep in the thalamus, when faced with the blinding brightness of another's greatness and, with it, a knowledge that I/you/we shall never possess even a cheeseparing of that greatness?
Though governments were roundly criticised for inadequate and cheeseparing responses and for much petty-minded implementation of means testing, the challenge of long-term unemployment evoked a radically new administrative response.
The Vatican recent document condemning all forms ofconception but marital intercourse was marked by the chuch's usual political arrogance and cheeseparing approach to sexual intimacy, but it was right about one thing.