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We have been cheering for our team for such long time.
The host of Cheer Up, Chrishelle Ebner, is a cheer mom herself with two daughters and a son cheering for Augusta Cheer Academy in Evans, Georgia.
Mazeika has been cheering for five years, including for a Division 1 squad at St.
When cheerleaders at Whitney Point High School in New York were told they'd be cheering for the girls' basketball team as well as the boys', they didn't jump for joy--most walked off the squad.
However, about 120 pupils from two local elementary schools will be cheering for both Korea's athletes -- as part of a movement initiated by the city of Osaka to have elementary and junior high schools each cheer for one country.
We are specifically radical feminists cheering for a variety of causes, and we're open to all genders.
We've all had this experience: we walk into a room where someone else is watching sports on television, start watching the game and, even though we have no idea who is playing, end up cheering for one team rather than the other.
In the end, Seinfeld says, we are cheering for the shirts -- Go red shirts!
Sometimes, I wonder if church denominations aren't a bit like cheering for a sports team.
When I start getting edgy in an Anglican service, it's not because I'm having a deep theological conflict with the people around me, it's because I feel like someone cheering for blue shirts in a roomful of people cheering for red ones.
(2) Cheering for Tahanto are (front, from left) Amy Sequeira, Shannon Cote, and Jordynn Spaulding, and (back) Paige McNickol.