cheer for

cheer for (someone or something)

To vocally support or encourage someone or something. Who are you cheering for in this match? The whole town came out to cheer for the high school football team in the championship game.
See also: cheer

cheer for someone or something

to give a shout of encouragement for someone or something. Everyone cheered for the team. I cheered for the winning goal.
See also: cheer
References in classic literature ?
It therefore, in the first place, cheered Van Systens and his nosegay, then the corporation, then followed a cheer for the people; and, at last, and for once with great justice, there was one for the excellent music with which the gentlemen of the town councils generously treated the assemblage at every halt.
From every corner flocked the people to see the company pass; and wildly did they cheer for the King, who rode smilingly with bared head down through the market-place.
One more cheer for Cap'n Smollett," cried Long John when the first had subsided.
Starbucks is spreading 10 days of holiday cheer for Christmas.
The Shrewsbury High School cheerleaders raised $2,403 to support adult and pediatric cancer care and research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute through its Cheer for Dana-FarberSM fundraiser, qualifying them as one of five teams to attend the clinic at the Dana-Farber Field House at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.
The team now has 12 girls, who cheer for soccer games at the center.
Since Canada didn't make it to the World Cup, my decisions about which team to cheer for were about as arbitrary as it gets.
When the AYF season begins, the cheerleading squads cheer for the Jr.