check with (someone or something)

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check with (someone or something)

1. To consult or confer with someone about something. I'm the lead person on this campaign, so please check with me before making any big decisions. Check with Harold if you have any questions about this case.
2. To match or agree with something. Run this test again and see if the results check with the ones from yesterday.
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check with someone (about something)

to ask someone about something. You should check with the concierge about the bus to the airport. Please check with your agent.
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check with

1. To consult someone, as before deciding or answering: I'll check with my boss to see if that time is good for a meeting.
2. To correspond with something: The suspect's fingerprints checked with those from the crime scene.
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Los Angeles, CA, April 29, 2015 --( ezCheckPrinting software is an easy-to-use PC check writer that allows business customers to design and print customized checks with logo, signature and MICR encoding in house.
By permitting the creation of substitute checks, Check 21 removed a key legal impediment to the replacement, during the collection process, of paper checks with electronic information ("check truncation").
Check 21 provides a legal basis and a process for replacing the physical transport of checks with the electronic transfer of check images.
A particular focus of its system is the payee name, since "fraud artists have resorted to altering or modifying the payee name on stolen checks with valid serial numbers an amounts, says Edward Regina, vice president at JPMorgan Treasury Services.
Checks with a "chemical void" can also be purchased.
Almost every business owner, government agency, and financial institution, as well as millions of private citizens have been victimized by people who have written bad checks with the intent of getting something for nothing.
* Compare in-house costs for verifying and collecting checks with the cost of using a reputable outside service.
Replacing 10 percent of the annual 65 billion checks with completely electronic payments would generate a total savings of almost $4 billion," says Mary Addonizio of Mainspring Communications.