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death by spell check

The negative outcome after one submits a written work that contains a critical error or errors, due to reliance on a word processor's imperfect spell checker function. Many job seekers suffer death by spell check after submitting a résumé riddled with errors.
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fact checker

One who attempts to verify the accuracy of information that will be or has been published or circulated. Typically done as part of a journalistic enterprise. Our fact checker has not been able to verify some of the statements in the article you wrote. The increase in the number of fact checkers is a great thing for journalism, but we need more investigative reporters, too.
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Any one of them would have been an excellent place to start learning how to refinish a stock, and/or apply some checkering, or maybe do some recheckering.
The first of these is a single-line cutting tool, which you use to lay out two master lines on each panel of new checkering. It is also the only tool needed to rechecker a gun that already has checkering.
Some time back I recut the checkering on an old Browning Citori and actually ran into several large grains of sand that had been pressed into the wood when the previous owner probably fell or dropped the gun in the dirt.
These G10s also have crisp, sharp checkering and classic double diamonds around the screw holes.
Their thinner profile made a noticeable difference in how the gun felt in my hands, and the checkering was just right: rough enough to add a little traction during extended firing sessions but not so abrasive that they tore my hands up by the end of the day.
Checkering is one activity where you have to run the file backward through the lines you're cutting.
As a straightedge to protect my checkering when I clean up under the trigger guard, I use a single edge razor blade running in the top groove as a fence to file against.
The first thing I would advise any would-be checkerer is to read the Bible of this endeavor, Checkering and Carving of Gunstocks by Monty Kennedy.
One can also be purchased from some of the manufacturers of checkering tools.
By the way, checkering tools or tools sets can be purchased from just about anyone who sells gunsmithing supplies.
The best way I know of to develop checkering skill is to first take a fiat piece of a suitable wood such as walnut, draw a circle on it, and then checker the inside of that circle.
The gun owner had tried to remove the tissue, but only succeeded in leaving the grips covered with fuzzy patches that were still pasted firmly into the checkering pattern.
Eventually, there were mere traces of paint and paper embedded in the checkering. I then used the single-line cutting tool to clean out and sharpen the lines in the checkering.
Everything the kit contains has been designed from scratch to provide a student with a great first experience at checkering, while removing all the fear, doubt, and mystery with actual hands-on experience.
The old way of handcutting checkering with a file is not economical for today's gunsmith who must turn out work fast and near perfection.