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death by spell check

The negative outcome after one submits a written work that contains a critical error or errors, due to reliance on a word processor's imperfect spell checker function. Many job seekers suffer death by spell check after submitting a résumé riddled with errors.
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fact checker

One who attempts to verify the accuracy of information that will be or has been published or circulated. Typically done as part of a journalistc enterprise. Our fact checker has not been able to verify some of the statements in the article you wrote. The increase in the number of fact checkers is a great thing for journalism, but we need more investigative reporters, too.
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Built in response to this increase in vendor conveyancer fraud, the Lawyer Checker database has been created to demonstrate whether or not an account has had a track record of successful use within conveyancing.
Many checker problems arise from the old-fashioned idea that formal writing is preferable to informal writing, a spurious notion responsible for much of the poor writing we see in business, academe and the professions.
the Hall of Champions event brought together some of the world's top computer programs playing backgammon, bridge, checkers, chess, Go, Othello, and Scrabble.
While I rarely checker the bottom of my forends there is nothing wrong in doing so if that's the way you want it.
With Checker 3G, the user chooses whether to configure the sensor as a presence sensor or measurement sensor.
They'll tell how a grammar checker assessed the prose of John Milton and declared that the revered poet was better suited for a career as a dental hygienist.
To ascertain a proof's validity, a checker has merely to examine, say, a few dozen statements.
The Checker 252 model from Cognex contains all inspection capabilities of the award-winning Checker vision sensor family, plus additional software sensors that verify height, width and diameter and deliver reliable pass/fail results on high-speed production lines.
In addition to those three "Ps," a fourth element that might help is Miles Gilbert's Learn to Checker Kit, Deluxe Version from Battenfield Technologies (573/445-9200).
Today, the checker program he and his colleagues developed ranks among the top 10 checker players in the world.
Cognex Corporation has added the Checker 232 model to its award-winning Checker vision sensor product line.