check through

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check through

1. To inspect or examine one or more things. Check through the fridge and tell me if we have any of the ingredients for this recipe. I checked through the entire file but I didn't see that document in there.
2. To grant one entrance to a particular place, area, or event after verifying one's credentials (such as an admission ticket or official paperwork). In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "check" and "through." We have tickets to the show right here, so why can't you just check us through?
3. To request that one's luggage be sent to one's final destination, as when traveling through multiple cities or via different modes of transportation. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "check" and "through." I don't have any luggage with me because I checked my bags through to Rome.
4. To allow to travel through multiple cities without requiring one to show one's ticket at each stop. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "check" and "through." You don't need to be in this line, ma'am, since you've already been checked through.
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check someone or something through (something)

to allow one to pass through something after checking one's identification, tickets, passes, etc. (Fixed order.) The guard checked us through the gate, and we went about our business. We checked them through security.
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check through something

to examine something or a collection of things. (Usually refers to papers or written work, or to details in the paperwork.) Check through this and look for missing pages. I'll check through it for typographical errors also.
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check through

1. To examine something or a group of things: I checked through the drawer to see if I had left my keys there.
2. To allow someone to pass through some place after examining tickets, papers, or passes: The security guards checked us through the gate.
3. To have someone's travel be arranged so that the traveller may present a ticket or check in only at the beginning of a journey and not at each leg: You don't need to go to the ticket counter when you change planes; we already checked you through.
4. To have something, especially luggage, sent along each leg of a journey to some destination, without requiring that a person pick it up and check it again at each leg of the journey, as when changing airplanes, trains, or buses: You should check your luggage through, or else you'll have to carry your bags with you in the airport.
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