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Though the Chettiars did not issue their own bank notes, they impacted the money supply by issuing checkable bank accounts.
For checkable deposits (demand deposits and OCDs), savings, and small-denomination time deposits, we have summed the amounts at commercial banks and thrift institutions, calculating the user costs by dividing the corresponding summed expenditures by the sum of the quantities.
In fact, it only plays a role of a standardized permit that authorizes the recipient to claim a certain amount of checkable deposits from the check writer's bank account.
When they include retail sweeps but not DD sweeps within checkable deposits, they find that weak separability holds only for broader groupings of monetary assets.
More specifically, the act eliminated most of the interest rate ceilings on time deposits and savings accounts and authorized the use of checkable NOW accounts and other interest-bearing accounts (such as ATS and share draft accounts at credit unions) by individuals and non-profit organizations.
Probabilistically Checkable Proofs (PCPs) encapsulate the striking idea that verification of proofs becomes nearly trivial if one is willing to use randomness.
When someone submits a letter to the editor it should contain at least some checkable facts - for example, the writer who wrote about the United States losing its moral bearings (letters, June 1).
Combat the sale of stolen gadgets and valuables, alert the second-hand trade and publicly checkable stolen goods database * CheckMEND if an item goes missing.
Keep in mind that to affect real output and prices the Fed must change the supply of money available to the public (that is, the sum of currency in circulation and checkable deposits).
Averages of daily figures, except debt end-of-period basis; billions of dollars, seasonally adjusted] M1 M2 Sum of currency, M1 plus retail Debt demand deposits, MMMF balances, travelers checks, savings deposits Debt of and other (including MMDAs), domestic checkable and small nonfinancial Period deposits (OCDs) time deposits sectors (1) 1999: Dec (r) 1,122.
Previous experience not essential but applicants must have a fiveyear checkable work and education history.
M1, which consists of currency in the hands of the public plus demand and other checkable deposits, is a slightly broader monetary aggregate.
Monthly seasonal factors used to construct M1, January 2004--March 2006 Other checkable deposits (1) Nonbank Year and month Currency travelers Demand Total At checks deposits banks 2004--January .
There is no substitute for quality control and the client should check contractors and suppliers have an adequate and checkable system in place.
Following from traditional Keynesian analysis, when prices increase people shift from monetary to non-monetary assets to avoid this "tax" or from the Monetarist perspective people will shift their monetary balances from checkable deposits to other less liquid M2 assets in response to the higher opportunity cost of checkable deposits.