check with (someone or something)

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check with (someone or something)

1. To consult or confer with someone about something. I'm the lead person on this campaign, so please check with me before making any big decisions. Check with Harold if you have any questions about this case.
2. To match or agree with something. Run this test again and see if the results check with the ones from yesterday.
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check with someone (about something)

to ask someone about something. You should check with the concierge about the bus to the airport. Please check with your agent.
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check with

1. To consult someone, as before deciding or answering: I'll check with my boss to see if that time is good for a meeting.
2. To correspond with something: The suspect's fingerprints checked with those from the crime scene.
See also: check
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They just need to check with us to see if they're eligible.
The problem is that these advertisements are being published because a few of the universities do not have valid permission, while those that do have obtained their licence from the [government] and then approach various media outlets, which fail to check with us regarding their validity," said Dr Saeed Hamad Al Hassani, the ministry's undersecretary.
We also recommend that you check with us before doing any work to trees in your garden, because they could be protected, and you could be fined for damaging a protected tree.
It's odd a firm this established wouldn't check with us first," the Sun quoted a source as saying.
Sally Swait, Premium Bond manager at National Savings and Investments, said: "We urge anyone who believes they could have unclaimed prizes to check with us.
A spokeswoman added: "If you receive an approach from a firm check with us to ensure they are authorised to sell investment services in Ireland.
We repeatedly urge neighborhood council members to check with us before money is spent for something questionable, and before promises are made.
If operators are confused or have any doubts about whether they can move animals we would urge them to check with us first.
But the point is that after the previous problems, we said don't do this again until you check with us.
We want them to use this information, but also to call us, check with us about what you can and cannot do if you discover that a sex offender is living nearby.