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Web-based reports and downloadable electronic documents that duplicate printed annuals have become more common in recent years, and investors are now being asked in proxy statements to check off a box to receive the annual report by email instead of print.
(Only presidential candidates can qualify for public funding--paid for by the $3 box you can check off on your tax return.) In the past, this helped to level the playing field between incumbents and challengers: Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George H.W.
When you hear a speaker use one of them, check off the appropriate block.
If they haven't completed the homework at all, they sign the "I did not do my homework" list and check off the "did not do" column.
A project team can pull appropriate modules from the computer and check off the completion of each task at the end of the deliverable.
Check off the Dance House on Vienna's list for the future.
Once the 49 architects, with the numbers 1-49 on their Armani jackets, had been assembled at one end, the nation would be on the edge of their sofas waiting for the command "Release the architects", ready to check off the the first six - plus bonus architect - to plunge into the Thames.
People who check off more than one racial group on census forms will be assigned to one category for the purpose of monitoring discrimination and enforcing civil rights laws.
Day in and out--when I focus and act on the twofold love command rather than check off defects and peccadilloes on someone else's feel-bad list--I approach God more as what I can be than what I should have been.
Individuals must be sure to check off the appropriate fees and/or dues so that their constituency group membership is renewed through this process.
If a different color jersey comes into his passing lane, he will check off to his No.
At the bottom of each time card, every employee must check off either "I did not get injured today" or "I did get injured today: Explain ..." before leaving.