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According to details, the DIG directed all the SSP traffic to start the campaign to check back lights and indicators of the motorcycles and take strict action against the violators.
At the time of purchasing the TV, the salesman told me that the keyboard for the TV was not in stock and I should check back after a week.
The gynecologist told the patient not to worry and to check back in 6 to 9 months.
If they don't have one at that time just check back in a few weeks or a month or so as they might then have some in stock.
Readers need to check back often, on a daily basis to see what new books and promotions are being offered.
Please check back Sunday for the first in a series of dispatches by contributing editor Adam Chandler.
The only way you can know for sure is to check back.
The new orders remove the obligation for officers to check back with headquarters before returning fire at NATO planes if they carry out hostile manoeuvres on Pakistani soil, Abdul Qayum, a retired general and defence analyst, was quoted as saying.
Residents are urged to check back doors are locked before opening their front doors, to put a chain on when checking callers if no spyhole is available and to always ask for ID.
Be sure to check back in January as the recap continues!
Check back and refresh often for updates and photos from the field.
To stay in tune with latest interests of Gen Y, check back to the page for Things That Matter to Gen Y updates.
If visual conditions prevail they might not, but you should probably still query them to be sure you know what to do on the missed in case you can't check back in right away.