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cheat sheet

1. A piece of paper or other document containing information about or the solutions to questions of a test or exam, which may be used for cheating, studying, or by someone grading said exam. Jim was caught using a cheat sheet during his test and failed the course as a result. My friend gave me a great cheat sheet to use while studying for my final exam.
2. Any document on which complex or difficult information is summarized so as to allow for easy reference and/or understanding. I made a cheat sheet of everyday Japanese phrases so I would know how to say at least a few things while in Tokyo next week!
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cheat the worms

To avoid death, especially after having a serious illness. Refers to the worms often found near a decaying body. A: "I heard that Ellen cheated the worms! Is that true? Last I saw her, she was so sick." B: "Oh, yeah! She's doing great now!" I hope I can cheat the worms and make a full recovery—but I feel so sick right now.
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cheat at (something)

To act deceptively or unfairly while completing a task or participating in a competition. My little brother cheats at every board game, so it's not much fun to play with him.
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cheat on (someone or something)

1. To act deceptively or unfairly while completing a task or participating in a competition. I can't believe that Katie cheated on the test—I always thought she was an honest person.
2. To be unfaithful to one's romantic partner. Well, I heard that Jane cheated on Rob, and that's really why they're getting divorced.
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cheat (one) out of (something)

To steal or deny one one's due property by swindling. That dishonest real estate broker cheated us out of millions.
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cheats never prosper

People who use dishonest means will not find true success. I'm not too worried about Eric getting ahead of me in the class rankings. I know he cheated on his last test, and cheats never prosper!
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cheat at something

to use deception while competing [against someone]. They say she cheats at cards. The mob is likely to cheat at getting the contracts.
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cheat on someone

to commit adultery; to be unfaithful to one's spouse or lover. "Have you been cheating on me?" cried Mrs. Franklin. He was caught cheating on his wife.
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cheat someone out of something

to get something from someone by deception. Are you trying to cheat me out of what is rightfully mine? She cheated herself out of an invitation because she lied about her affiliation.
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Cheats never prosper.

 and Cheaters never prosper.
Prov. If you cheat people, they will not continue to do business with you, and so your business will fail. Customer: You charged me for ten artichokes, but you only gave me nine. Grocer: Too bad. You should have counted them before you paid for them. Customer: Cheats never prosper, you know.
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cheat on

Be sexually unfaithful to, as in They broke up right after she found he was cheating on her. [Colloquial; 1920s]
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cheat on

1. To behave fraudulently during some process or activity: The teacher caught the student cheating on the test.
2. To be unfaithful to someone, especially a spouse or lover: I hired a private detective to see if my spouse was cheating on me.
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The Sorry Not Sorry Cheaters, meanwhile, do not feel guilty about cheating at all.
CHEATER CHECK It's not like you want to raise a red flag every time he's extra-nice to you (or vice versa), but major mood swings and over-the-top acts of affection may mean he's conflicted--or covering up shady behavior.
The fact that this did not happen in this case is most plausibly due to the fact that Cheater and Manning had become separated and the militia did not realise the size of the group approaching them.
During the second half of the show, the jilted mate confronts the cheater in the act of committing some of the most outrageous acts of infidelity.
That allowed us, using statistics, to put an upper limit on the rate at which mutations turn a cooperator into an obligate cheater," he says.
Some of the restraints found so far are Wild West straightforward: The cheater gets taken out.
The honest players have to expose the Dirty Rotten Cheater to stand a chance of winning.
The cheaters soon reached a critical mass, creating a sense that "everyone is doing it," that cheating is positively necessary just to keep up, and eroding the social and professional norms that had hitherto made the average person reluctant to defraud clients and colleagues.
Scenario 1: The cheater acknowledges that the Internet escapades are interfering with his current relationship and is willing to work on the relationship, which in many cases, include seeking professional counseling.
As for turning in a cheater who happens to be a friend, I believe that a true friend helps you to become better.
Mitchell's not a bad singer, and that band (a real-life combo called Cheater, led by the show's composer, Stephen Trask) really cranks.
why do married men cheat on their wives read here catch a cheater
Next time you're selfish enough to break up a marriage, remember "once a cheater, always a cheater".
Alan Louis Spence, pictured, from Yarm, appears as a contestant on tomorrow's edition of BBC1 game show Dirty Rotten Cheater.
A Las Vegas-based company called Cheater Clothing, started up by a Little League dad named Shawn Milton, has been selling T-shirts on its Web site (cheaterclothing.