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Still nowhere near as good as, say, Raising Arizona, it's probably not a turning point, but raises a glimmer of hope that he may be done with cheque book cheapies.
So, let's hear it for those of us who must shoot "cheapies." Please, more reviews of low-cost, dependable firearms.
That's because they fear there will be a wide choice of short haul holiday cheapies to the sun -particularly in Greece and Turkey (pictured).
There are pounds 99 'cheapies' to be seen -but these are likely to be charter flights at awkward hours, with accommodation and transfers arranged independently.
Here are four cheapies that'll please his bank manager.
So far, he noted, "the more expensive utensils are going, as opposed to the 99-cent cheapies."
Called the Extreme for some odd reason, it's priced at a fairly competitive pounds 7,500 - if you ignore Far East cheapies - and comes with Renault's 1.2-litre 60bhp engine.
A decade ago, the Czech cars were cheapies trying to shake off their shoddy reputation - but they actually cost more than today's highly-respected newcomers.
Other cheapies include the Smart ForTwo at pounds 6,900, the Kia Picanto from pounds 6,995 and the Renault Clio at pounds 7,485.
Thomas Cook's 'cheapies' includes seven nights' half-board at a two-star hotel in Rhodes from pounds 134 from May 16, and seven nights' self- catering in Turkey from May 17 from pounds 138.
movie palace served as an appropriate site, given its role in the '70s as a grindhouse where co-helmer Tarantino saw low-budget cheapies.
For instance, seven-night 'cheapies' in Bulgaria - from pounds 199 - have been kicking around for months.
The programme includes Virgin Premium Economy upgrades as an add-on from pounds 175 one way - and a wide range of Caribbean cheapies, including seven nights' all-inclusive in Sandy Bay Beach Club, Barbados, from pounds 799.
Despite what Hyundai does in terms of quality and reliability it can't shake off the old bargain basement tag of its early days when the name was known for tinny cheapies like the Pony and Stellar.
VARIOUS The Summer Of Love (Virgin): An intelligent compilation released to cash in on sorry, coincide with, the Channel 4 season of the same name this is an intelligently put together double CD compilation that, by including the likes of Love's Alone Again Or, The Stooges 1969 and Marvin Gaye's What's Going On (although what the last two have to do with the Summer of Love is beyond me) transcend the multitude of Back To The 60s cheapies that clog up the compilation shelves at the local megastore.