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The average cost of the cheapest seat in the Premier League has passed PS30 for the first time Overall in British football, 70 per cent of tickets had the price frozen or even reduced for the 2015-16 season - just under 52 per cent had a price freeze and 18 per cent reduced.
The pies at St James' Park ([pounds sterling]3.20) are the most-expensive in the region, followed by at Hartlepool and Sunderland (both [pounds sterling]3), Boro ([pounds sterling]2.90), Carlisle ([pounds sterling]2.60) and the cheapest are once again at the International Stadium ([pounds sterling]2.40).
executive director Richard Lloyd said: "You shouldn't need a maths degree to work out the cheapest energy deal, but the complexity of energy pricing makes it virtually impossible for most people to make sense of the market."
As well as giving customers information on the cheapest tariff they can offer them, Ofgem has proposed a scheme where suppliers offer vulnerable customers and others who have not switched for some time an estimate on the cheapest tariff across the whole energy market.
A flight to Rome booked with Momondo cost GBP179, while the cheapest flight offered by Liligo was GBP197 on the same day.
In some cases, the fare quoted was more than double the cheapest available option.
Cell One's cheapest product for this usage basket, the per second pre-paid, is N$148.32.
Withdraw But they insisted that as Scottish and Southern were not the cheapest supplier in every region, the advert was misleading.
Being unbiased means that the cheapest prices are readily displayed increasing the chances of the user finding the product they want at a lower price that may not be visible at other sites.
Asda retains its crown as the UK's cheapest supermarket ahead of rival Tesco, according to new research released today.
The difference between the rates for the cheapest and the most expensive Finnish operators during evenings and weekends amounted to FIM1.24.
Calls for the development of a system allowing developing countries equitable access to medicines and vaccines at affordable prices, while expressing its solidarity and support for the Governments of South Africa and Kenya in their struggle to use WTO-compliant legislation to gain access to the cheapest possible life-saving medicines;
For consumers and small businesses using the internet for less than 20 hours a month at off-peak times eight members, including Korea (the cheapest) Finland, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland and the UK are cheaper than the US, and significantly cheaper than the OECD average.
After you've confirmed your needs, look for the best value, not the cheapest price.
In the transoceanic shipping business, the cheapest and speediest path between two points is not always a straight line, By using new and improved satellite data on ocean currents to chart courses, the shipping industry may soon reap substantial savings in fuel costs, says civil engineer Mark R.