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and male chauvinist pig
n. a male who acts superior to and aggressively toward women. (From the woman’s liberation movements of the 1970s.) The guy is just a male chauvinist pig, and he’ll never change. That’s you! Walter L. Waddington, MCP.

male chauvinist pig

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Similarly, I should mention Kumar Ponampalam who studied with me at Cambridge and in course of our struggle every time I was accused by this chauvinist Sinhalese regime, he came to my defense and he also gave his life on behalf of the liberation of Tamil homeland.
Levy defines a female chauvinist pig as a woman who has taken to appropriating the worst of male behavior rather than identifying with an evolved female attitude:
She reserves all her venom and vitriol--not for the egregious female chauvinist pigs so vividly described in the book, but for George W.
Scots Grey, on his last start, finished only tenth at a time when Henderson's stable was under a cloud while Chauvinist romped home by 11 lengths on his last outing.
He had a very positive attitude towards women and was not in any way sexist or chauvinist.
The fact that Roberts's approach encompasses Latin American perspectives on Smithson's Yucatan trip, for example, should ward off any misunderstanding of her project as chauvinist or nationalist.
In hearings at Croydon Employment Tribunal that spread over six months this year, the woman claimed RAF personnel were "macho, chauvinist and almost tribal".
Rauf Denktash the Turkish Cypriot proconsul of the occupation, is a renowned hardliner and chauvinist.
While I have always had freedom-fighter sensibilities, they have been male chauvinist, to be sure.
An obsession with interstate relations--the "Grand Chessboard" of Zbigniew Brzezinski's phrase--among the Realists tends to discourage attention to the internal dynamics of other states, while a patriotism sometimes tending to chauvinist nationalism discourages attention to the domestic roots and moral ambiguities of U.
I WAS going to say my friend's husband is a grade A male chauvinist pig but he's so nice I shall call him a male chauvinist pussy cat instead.
submitted "Evolving Attitudes or Confessions of a Male Chauvinist Attorney," which details, somewhat apologetically, how his feelings about female colleagues have favorably evolved over the years.
THE comments made by boxer Billy Joe Saunders were disgusting and clearly mark him out as a chauvinist with little or no respect for women or himself.
There are no details about who will play the title character in the show, which is called Tennison, but fans are promised an insight into her experiences in a world of bent chauvinist coppers and ruthless gangsters.
Of course, no anxiety for the destiny of an Afghan in the xenophobe, chauvinist and racist political set.