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and male chauvinist pig
n. a male who acts superior to and aggressively toward women. (From the woman’s liberation movements of the 1970s.) The guy is just a male chauvinist pig, and he’ll never change. That’s you! Walter L. Waddington, MCP.

male chauvinist pig

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VODAFONE GOLD CUP BETTING, Ladbrokes: 9-2 Buckby Lane, 6-1 Chauvinist, 8-1 Hand Inn Hand, Supreme Prince, 9-1 It Takes Time, 10-1 Venn Ottery, Le Duc, 11-1 Whereareyounow, 14-1 First Gold, Scots Grey, 16-1 Mouseski, 25-1 Turgeonev, 33-1 Knife Edge, Simply Gifted, Horus, 40-1 Avalanche, 50-1 Marked Man, 66-1 Amberleigh House.
He has done a lovely paint job on our house (far better than I could have) and I'll still prefer to call him a male chauvinist pussy cat, not pig - because he's nice.
At the end of the interview, Lee told the 68-year-old there were a number of text complaints from listeners about his remarks and wondering if he was a chauvinist.
Insisting that these two women had jointly planned to entrap him, apparently because of a terrible misunderstanding between them, Assange said: "I may be a chauvinist pig of some sort but I am no rapist, and only a distorted version of sexual politics could attempt to turn me into one," the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
I'm the male chauvinist pig version of a feminist" - TV's Clive James.
Not wishing to be classed as amale chauvinist pig, the driverswho shouldn''t be on the road are women.
Freddie reckons he was wrongly portrayed as a chauvinist who leaves all the cooking, cleaning and nappy changing to his third wife, Donna.
The pair had combined for a fivetimer at Newbury in midweek but with Chauvinist handed a burden of just 10st for the race, Fitzgerald was forced to ride stablemate Valerio, who was pulled up.
Can the cultural chauvinist be separated from the imperialist?
The world of work-shy beer-swilling chauvinist Andy Capp will be brought to the Little Theatre in Gateshead next week.
June says: "He is a male chauvinist pig and he has worn me out.
Dutton as a wise old trainer, Tim Daly as a TV sports reporter) and an opposing team of glass-jawed straw men (Joe Cortese as her chauvinist pig boss, Tony Shalhoub as a mobbed-up rival promoter).
He's a dear old-fashioned chauvinist of the first order.
MICK FITZGERALD'S decision to bypass the big races to head north to Wetherby looked to have rebounded when 4-7 shot Chauvinist was turned over by Quazar.
Ariel Levy, Female Chauvinist Pig: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture (Schwartz Publishing, October 2005)