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and male chauvinist pig
n. a male who acts superior to and aggressively toward women. (From the woman’s liberation movements of the 1970s.) The guy is just a male chauvinist pig, and he’ll never change. That’s you! Walter L. Waddington, MCP.

male chauvinist pig

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The North East still faces anitnorthern chauvinism that runs through Whitehall and Westminster like words on a stick of rock
Had a powerful voice been raised from the platform of this movement, that it is the perpetrator of the rape who has lost his character and not the woman who has been a rape victim, it would have acted as a trigger against male chauvinism and helped in getting equality for women.
In the case of alleged male chauvinism in the Dalada Maligawa, the 'Island's editorial focus is not only limited but is narrow and lacks balance.
Something akin to the sword of Damocles still hangs over a very large community in central Middlesbrough, and it is seemingly only political chauvinism and the inability to say we got it wrong that keeps this programme barely spluttering along and going nowhere.
He criticized what he described as "Arab chauvinism against African sovereignty'.
For the latest televised japery is no boneheaded 'prank' or act of moronic chauvinism, but the gently humorous exploits of someone you might NOT want to punch in the face the instant you meet them.
Summary: Chauvinism in India once ran along religious lines; today it runs equallyC along the lines of language, caste and region
Non-Malay communities were uncomfortable with the gesture, especially ethnic Chinese who felt it was aimed at them, a symbol of Malay chauvinism and a reminder of deadly race riots in 1969 when Malays and Chinese attacked each other with knives.
Controversial questions such as does Islam encourage male chauvinism, is the veil an obstacle to community cohesion and why women aren't allowed in some mosques, will be tackled at a series of workshops during the event between noon and 5pm on Saturday.
At war with these efforts for change and longstanding intergenerational mindsets produced grown from poverty, corruption, and chauvinism.
Take the rodeo scene, where Borat is invited to sing his national anthem, which turns out to echo American chauvinism, circa 2003: Kazakhstan is number one
Hence, the elite city-building agenda was ultimately limited by commercial-civic leaders' own racism and class chauvinism.
As I describe it, I am sure you recognize that chauvinism is not limited to Islam.
Encouraged by Moholy-Nagy she joined the metal workshop, being the only woman there, and soon rose to prominence despite the male chauvinism of her colleagues, becoming acting director.
But only because those 'We'll moider da bums' mantras spouted daily, plus the tabloid chauvinism and the self-deluding claims that the squad was packed with world-class players turned out to be as empty as the performances.