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chat about (someone or something)

To talk about something, often casually or informally. Oh, you're not interrupting, we're just chatting about our kids—come on in! Do you have a minute to chat about this issue in the code?
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chat up

1. To engage someone in lighthearted banter or casual conversation. A noun or pronoun can be used between "chat" and "up." I love chatting up tourists visiting our city. It gives you such diverse and interesting perspectives!
2. To engage in flirtatious conversation with someone, usually in pursuit of romantic or sexual purposes. A noun or pronoun can be used between "chat" and "up." I was chatting up this cute guy at the bar last night, and I managed to get his phone number! I hate when people chat me up in clubs. I just want to have a nice time out with my friends!
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A computer program that is able to interact with users and simulate human conservation. Is there any way for me to talk to an actual human, instead of a chatbot?

chat-up line

A sentence, phrase, or question used to start a flirtatious conversation with a potential romantic or sexual partner. Primarily heard in UK. "Have we met before?" is Ed's favorite chat-up line, even though it has a very low success rate with the ladies. If you hit on girls with that creepy chat-up line, I'm not surprised you keep getting rejected.
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1. verb To talk in an idle or casual manner. We're just chitchatting, come on in.
2. noun An instance of idle or casual chatter. We're just having a chitchat, come on in.

drop in for a chat

To visit one casually or unexpectedly to have a friendly talk. Drop in for a chat whenever you want—it's always great to see you!
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flat chat

1. adjective Very busy; preoccupied with many different things at once. Sometimes hyphenated. Primarily heard in Australia. Sorry I couldn't make it to lunch today, I've been flat chat with the kids all day. I've been so flat-chat at work that I barely have time to see my kids anymore.
2. adverb At the greatest possible speed, efficiency, or power. Sometimes hyphenated. Primarily heard in Australia. We drove that car flat chat out of town. The whole team is working flat-chat to get this project finished and perfect.
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chat about someone or something

to talk idly or informally about someone or something. We need to chat about Molly. I want to chat about your expenditures a little.
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chat up

1. Talk flirtatiously to, as in Leave it to Charlie to chat up the girls. This usage is mostly but not entirely British. [Late 1800s]
2. Engage in light, friendly talk, as in He was soon chatting up all the board members. [Mid-1900s]
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chat up

1. To engage someone in light, casual talk, especially in order to gain his or her favor: The salesperson chatted us up for an hour before we finally decided to buy something. I chatted up the director, hoping to get a part in the film.
2. To talk amorously to someone, usually without serious intentions; flirt with someone: Many people go to the bar just to chat up the attractive bartenders. By their false smiles, we could tell they were coming over to chat us up.
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(ˈtʃɪt tʃæt)
1. n. talk; idle talk. That’s enough chitchat. Please get to work.
2. n. a short, friendly conversation. I’d like to have a little chitchat with you when you have time.
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Therefore chatting ,in this respect, is immoral means that we should get rid of as possible as we can.
Mged described chatting as a life that give people chance to exchange information, news and ideas with each other.
Maged requested his reader to discuss the topic accurately in order to take a final decision "weather to chat ore not to chat accordingly." But this isn't the matter, we can't decide to chat or not to chat, because chatting has negative and positive consequences.
In MTN network, for example, the cost of normal message for prepaid lines is 7 YR, postpaid 5 YR, while is it only 4 YR for chatting messages in prepaid and postpaid lines.
Another feature of chatting is its being faster than other means of communications.
Actually, chatting changed the world to a small village.
Similarly, chatting in TV channels produce people to each other so that they can build personal relations which can be developed to friendship, love, and sometimes marriage.
Some people like friendship relations through chatting, claiming that they take it as a chance to express feeling and opinions freely to them and sometimes revealing to them secrets.
A friend of mine, for example, once told me that he likes to make relations through chatting rather than normal relations.
Chatting is sometimes used as a means of deceiving.
Chatting is also looked at negatively because it is taken as a means of exploiting others.
These are only some negative aspects of chatting. There may be some more.
The Chatting Spot service provides free browsing of the database of users logged onto the system by selected profiles and offers free person to person text chatting for a limited period after which time users pay a small charge per minute to continue chatting to each other.
The Chatting Spot service is not available to users outside the designated service areas and so all users of the service know that all other users on the database are within walking distance of their location.
Chatting Spot plans to start offering the service in September 2014 in a limited number of markets with a high penetration of tourist traffic.