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chatter away

1. (of a person) To talk idly or incessantly. Now that she can talk, my little girl will just chatter away all day long. Well, he's still chattering away, but I stopped listening a while ago.
2. (of an animal) To make a series of noises. The chipmunk started chattering away as I got closer to it.
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chatter about (someone or something)

To talk idly, incessantly, or excitedly about someone or something. Why are all of these people suddenly chattering about me? Well, he's still chattering about how wonderful this program is, but I stopped listening a while ago.
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chatter from (something)

Of teeth, to touch together noisily, usually because one's whole body is shivering in the cold. My teeth were chattering from what seemed like Arctic winds.
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the chattering classes

Educated individuals known for frequently discussing and commenting on current events, such as politics, perhaps in the media. The term is often derogatory. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I wouldn't know what the chattering classes are on about—I pay no attention to all the talking heads.
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chatter about someone or something

to talk idly and actively about someone or something. All the guests were chattering about something or other. People are chattering about you and Claire. Do you want to know what they are saying?
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chatter (away)

 (at someone or something)
1. Lit. to talk incessantly or noisily to or at someone or something. The parrot was chattering away at its reflection in the mirror. The kids were chattering away, Stop chattering at me!
2. Fig. [for a small animal, such as a squirrel] to try to scare off someone or something. The little squirrel chattered away at the crow. The crow came close and the squirrel chattered away again.

chatter from something

[for one's teeth] to shake noisily with a chill from the cold, the dampness, a fever, etc. My teeth were chattering from the extreme cold. It was a terrible illness. My teeth chattered from the chills that followed the fever.
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the chattering classes

articulate and educated people considered as a social group given to the expression of liberal opinions about society and culture. derogatory
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Traits characterizing girls include irritable (restless), offended, hate, weary, worrisome, intimate (hugs, kisses, misses), coward, giggler, and chatterer.
The four "boys" are: Norman, who loves doughnuts; Lucien, who lugs around a weighty pile of books he cannot read; Arnold, a hyperactive, compulsive chatterer with a persecution complex; and Barry, who fantasizes that he is a golf pro.
She puts this to good use, however, in such songs as "Schweig' einmal still," in which she chides her lover, "Do be quiet, you wretched chatterer .
What unlettered old Aunt Hagar in her "backwoods church" was rapping on was no "Negroid manifestation of something odd in western civilization," as Crouch's chatterer puts it.
47) Encouraging this crowd are the gossips who first spread the rumors about Mary's pregnancy: Symme Smalfeyth, Luce Lyere, Geffrey Gyle, and Gylle Fetyse (both representing guile or deception), Letyce Lytyltrust and Kytt Cakelere (a chatterer or gossip).
5) finishes tonight with the chubby chatterer golfing with '"super - agent" Mark McCormack.
She's a chatterer and I'm not, I was handy with jobs in the house and she was an expert at looking after the house.
I amknown to be a bit of a chatterer but it is only because I like talking to people and have them talk to me, of course, and also to hear about their treasured objects.
Lesley turned out to be a great chatterer and explained that previous owners always held an annual lobster fest at a pub which pulls in lots of locals.
Somehow one suspects internet chatterers who believe she was killed on the orders of the Royal Family will not be silenced by an inquest either, if it fails to confirm their views.
Etymology: Hindi badar monkey + log people; from the portrayal of the monkey race as chatterers and poseurs in the jungle stories of Rudyard Kipling died 1936 English writer--more at LOG
The last thing which the serried ranks of our New Class chatterers -- be they in our universities, our schools, our "welfare" agencies, our political parties (of all complexions) or our media -- will wish to acknowledge is that the House That Whitlam Built, and which they have been sedulously tending these past twenty-five or thirty years, is now falling into ruin.
The fourth pair of chatterers are two elderly widows (Sheila Reid and Sandra Voe) who take a bus to a funeral, which they rate in quality alongside others they've attended and are looking forward to.
More than 10 can be unwieldy, depending on the strength of the leader - there's a bit of force needed in the art of keeping talkers from dominating and chatterers from gossiping .
Yes we stopped a few conversations, wrong-footed a few chatterers who tried to walk through The Plank or gawp at it with heads between their knees.