chase (one's) tail

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chase (one's) tail

To take action that is ineffectual and does not lead to progress. Refers to how a dog can exhaust itself by chasing its own tail. Come on, Bill, go to sleep. You're just chasing your tail at this point, but you might have a breakthrough with the research if you take a break from it. I'm trying not to chase my tail on this project, but so many components of it are just not working out.
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chase tail

slang To pursue or seek out sexual activity with someone. (Usually used by men to refer to women.) My brother always spends his weekends chasing tail in bars around town.
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chase your (own) tail

keep on doing something futile. informal
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chase your (own) ˈtail

be very busy but in fact achieve very little: In my first month at college I was continually chasing my own tail and being late for everything. ▶ ˈtail-chasing noun
If a dog or cat chases its tail, it runs round in circles trying to bite its own tail.
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chase (one's) tail

To exert oneself vigorously but ineffectually.
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Mr Cummins said: "We are chasing our tail and we can't solve this with just beach cleans."
"Saints obviously dominated the first half and, with 17 offloads in warm conditions, we were always chasing our tail. I'm happy with the response but we were second best."
St Helens coach Keiron Cunningham said: "We seemed to be chasing our tail a bit.
Doing so means we will be chasing our tail as once this precedent is set, it is hard to change from until we are on a sound financial footing.
Keane said: "We would be in a lot better position than last summer as things happened quickly, we didn't have a scouting system and we were chasing our tail a little bit."
"After that we were chasing our tails and we gave away some stupid ball."
We had a good comeback, but we were always chasing our tails.
Disappointed Annan gaffer Jim Chapman said: "I'm really frustrated because a sloppy first half left us chasing our tails."
They can hit you hard up front and we could be chasing our tails for the rest of the series.
We purchased from, but antler chews can also be purchased directly from the Chasing Our Tails website.
"I'd rather be in the situation we are - two from two - than having lost the first and then chasing our tails," said Flood.
We've been chasing our tails a bit but the one thing you must do when you have a horse as good as him is take care.
A united force may do what the feeble National Trainers' Federation and the Jockeys' Association have failed to do -say to the BHB, to the Racecourse Association and to everyone else, "we've had enough of chasing our tails for everyone else's benefit.
I read the response to my "Chasing Our Tails" article (Risk & Insurance[R], March 2006, p.37) by Erie Schmidbauer, in the July 2006 edition of Risk & Insurance[R].
"We were chasing our tails after that and we gave ourselves no chance in the second half with a 50% completion rate.