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Some day she will be able to wear any ear-rings she likes, and already she lives in an invisible world of brilliant costumes, shimmering gauze, soft satin, and velvet, such as the lady's maid at the Chase has shown her in Miss Lydia's wardrobe.
Poyser had once suggested that the house should be shut up and left to take care of itself; "for," said he, "there's no danger of anybody's breaking in--everybody'll be at the Chase, thieves an' all.
All Broxton and all Hayslope were to be at the Chase, and make merry there in honour of "th' heir"; and the old men and women, who had never been so far down this side of the hill for the last twenty years, were being brought from Broxton and Hayslope in one of the farmer's waggons, at Mr.
The carts, of course, were not to enter the Chase. Every one must get down at the lodges, and the vehicles must be sent back.
"He's got some project or other about letting the Chase Farm and bargaining for a supply of milk and butter for the house.
The pole soon reappeared, shooting up from the lake, and, as the hunter seized it in his hand, the Indian whirled the light canoe round, and renewed the chase. But this evolution gave the buck a great advantage; and it also allowed time for Edwards to approach the scene of action.
The canoe whirled with each cunning evolution of the chase, like a bubble floating in a whirlpool; and when the direction of the pursuit admitted of a straight course the little bark skimmed the lake with a velocity that urged the deer to seek its safety in some new turn.
it was evident the old man enjoyed the chase more as a memorial of his youthful sports and deeds than with any expectation of profiting by the success.
Above them rose the primeval yews and oaks of The Chase, in which there poised gentle roosting birds in their last nap; and about them stole the hopping rabbits and hares.
All I care about is to enjoy seeing the chase, is it not so, Count?
The tranquil Ilagin, Nicholas, Natasha, and "Uncle" flew, reckless of where and how they went, seeing only the borzois and the hare and fearing only to lose sight even for an instant of the chase. The hare they had started was a strong and swift one.
THE BHA's announcement yesterday of a major cull in novice chases is an attempt to address the ongoing issue of small fields that has blighted British jump racing.
The Greatest Movie Car Chases Of All Time by Jesse Crosse is a unique and exclusive collection of the greatest Hollywood car chases and hot pursuits every recorded on film.
Goodwin's device of multiple biography provides that extra richness to the other big events of the Lincoln presidency: When Lincoln asks the cabinet's appraisal of the Emancipation Proclamation, the varied responses make a stronger impression than they might in a straight Lincoln biography: Bates the conservative surprisingly positive; Chase the radical surprisingly reserved; Seward, Chases ideological opponent, surprisingly close to him on this issue.
Through it all, the Chases said they had a lot of support from the community and from their lawyers, the Eugene firm of Luvaas Cobb Richards & Fraser.