chase around

chase (someone or something) around

To chase someone or something in what becomes a circuitous pursuit. I can't chase the dog around all morning, I have to get to work! After chasing the criminal around for an hour, the police were finally able to catch him.
See also: around, chase

chase someone or something around

to follow someone or something around in pursuit. (There is an implication that the person or thing pursued is attempting to elude whatever is in pursuit.) The dog chased us around in play. It chased around all the children.
See also: around, chase
References in classic literature ?
The Greek took both tiller and sheet and continued the chase around the Lancashire Queen, while I attended to Charley, on whose head a nasty lump was rapidly rising.
It led to a chase around the car, with the cabbie trying to get away.
He warmed up with a quick chase around the gardens by his hotel, proudly announcing: "I'm running with all the boys and girls.
Prosecutor Michael Whitty said there was a "cat and mouse" chase around Station Road, Colwyn Bay.
The footage shows Katir, of Cornfield Road, Fairfield, Stockton, speeding at more than double the 30mph limit, once reaching 91mph, in the chase around Thornaby, racing away from officers.
DIGOS CITY -- A still unidentified motorcycle thief was killed by elements of the police's City Special Anti-Organized Crime Group (CSOG) after a brief chase around 3:30 a.
That honour remains with the Willie Mullins-trained Vautour, who won Ascot's featured chase around an hour earlier in workmanlike fashion.
A MAN who led police on a chase around Lockwood has admitted dangerous driving.
JAKE GREENALL has seen plenty of classic performances in the biggest staying chase around down the years.
com)-- “The Ambulance Chase around Lake Miramar provided a fun opportunity to support the Professional Alliance for Children,” commented Dave Buckley of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties.
While behind the wheel of a stolen modified PS85,000 Audi RS5 he almost outran a force helicopter during a 65-mile chase around Wolverhampton and Stafford.
The 'Will and Grace' star, began to date her 'Smash' co-star Will Chase around the time of the split announcement in December, although the court papers have timed the separation back in February 2010.
He is as fit as he can be for his first start of the season and he won his novice chase around there so that is a help.
But Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) turns out to be a spy and drags her on a catand-mouse chase around the world.
The chase around the garden is initiated when Baby declares, 'No more kisses